4/4 Agony at The County BB: Phyllis and Gladys come to Oldham

PAX: Mud Bug, Airplane, Cochran, Big Bird, Jolly Rancher, Crockpot, Abacus, Jerry Maguire (R), Bulletin (R), Retainer (QIC).

Haven’t posted or Q’d in a week due to business travel, and I was glad to get back to the County for a little spring break action. We had 10 PAX, which was a great number and the winner of the “Who’s Q got the most Pax to post today in Louisville,” which is a contest in my head that I only talk about and rarely share, except when I win.

Started with a mosey around the Church and a COP.  50 SSH’s, 20 IW’s, 20 GG’s, and a series of yoga and runner stretches. Lined the boys up in 2 lines for a Native American run around the campus, and then the Thang began.

The Thang:

5 stations. Station 1: Burpees AMRAP. Station 2: 10 MC’s, 10 Plank Jacks, AMRAP. Station 3: 10 curls with coupon, 10 thrusters, AMRAP. Station 4: Dips AMRAP.  Station 5: Deadlifts with Phyllis and Gladys AMRAP.

That’s it. 2 minutes at each station with the Q calling for shifts, and I think we got in at least 2 turns at each station.

Ended with a COM: Mary Webb. Had to skip 8 & 9 because Airplane had to get to work, but it was fun nonetheless.

COR, NOR, announcements, and intentions. Yet another successful trip down LaGrange. Love all y’all.

Retainer out.




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