4/6 Fog BB

PAX: Ladybird (R), Aerobie (R), Wapner, Mr. Kotter, PK, Retainer (QIC).

Great morning today, including this nugget of wisdom from Aerobie. He said he was thinking about fartsacking, but he told his wife that today was his only chance in life to do THIS workout with THESE men. Which is pretty awesome. With the combination of exercises, reps, and PAX, every one of our posts is unique and special.

Started with a mosey to the waterfountain for the COP. Did 20 calf raises 43 SSH’s, 25 MC’s, 25 GG’s, and then the usual Retainer series of runner stretches and yoga poses to get everyone stretched. 10 seconds on each of these: plank, right ankle over left, left ankle over right, right knee to right elbow, right side warrior pose, left knee to left elbow, left side warrior pose, downward dog, cobra, downward dog, cobra.

Then, mosey to the egg law for the thing.

There are 43 lamp posts around the egg lawn. Stop at each light and do the first in this series of exercises, doing the second at the second light, and on and on, rinsing and repeating when you finish the list: 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 BB’s, 20 Cobra Squats, 25 single-count flutter kicks. This took a ton of time to finish, and it hurt, but it was worth it.

Had 10 minutes to kill, so we did the same thing, but stopping at benches instead of lights, and mixing up 10 box jumps and 10 dips at each.

Finished up with the COM, including 25 bicycle kicks and yoga stretches to decompress.

A fine and fun group of men out this morning. Glad to see Wapner back at it.

Retainer out.

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