BB: Bayside 04/06. Glauc Q

Conditions: Perfect.. I think 45 -55 degrees is perfect ITG.

Glauc Q

Charlois, Shuttlecock, Gpa Bear, Saturday Sadie, Double Header

I wanted see how a workout would do if I kept things simple:

We did COP (15 Hillbilly walkers, plank stretching, cherry pickers (right and left side), SSH (25 IC), plank streching,… finished with a few twerkins

AB O Rama  (all 20 count, single and all a version of LBC) Legs on ground, regular, right leg out, left leg out, both legs up, “full”, legs to the right, legs to the left, freddie mercury

the thang: run 150 – 400 yards around bayside and do a 10:40 (just one set 10 of one exercise, 40 of another)   The sequence of the 10:40 is as follows   1) Merkins : Shoulder taps  2) mexican jumping bean squats / curtsey lunge (20 each leg)  3) Burpees : SSH  4) big boi sit up : ankle biters.

Overall we made it through the sequence 2 1/2 times.  will probably running a total of 1.5 miles.

A great way to start a saturday.

COT, Prayer and Glauc OUT!

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