4/6 Backblast from the MashUp HurtRuiner #KiloQ


Friday at the Chopper not only did Nino injure spygate, he injured Me.  With his insane runs up a wet muddy 90* hill in the dark.  Great idea Nino!!  Kidding kidding.  But no really I tweeked my knee Reid Travis style.  Just a little sprain, it’s tight and a bit swollen.  Being less than a week away from the StarCourse 50 I wanted to rest my knee and my legs.  Therefore the mashedup pax were in for an upper body smoke show.  The kind where you leave and are unable to lift your coffee cup to your lips for a sip.  That’s what we did.


Taureen, Glenn Ross, loco, Puddin, April, Liberace, meatball, sweet tart, TFB, whamO, wind shield, OJ, Grinder, LEGO



Perfectly 50 and cloudy.  Ideal gloom conditions



Neon Walmart special moisture wicking tee, Navy adidas trio 17 tapered pants, tougher mudder headband, Altra superior 3.5.


Disclaimer made and announcement that I was nursing an injury courtesy of our Q of the year and 1stF fitness guru Nino.  So there would be no running today.


So we circled up and did some stretches to warm up.

50 4ct.  Flutters IC

30 4ct Rosalitas IC


head down and pick up a coupon


follow YHC around the track holding coupon above your head the entire way.

We stop every 200 yards or so for some coupon PT

each time around we would stop for some Mary PT in the parking lot.






we went around the track 3 times with the coupons overhead repeating this same sequence.


Finished up with JackWebb

Merkins/Shoulder taps


The extra 15 minutes really makes a huge difference.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted on a Saturday, for the past couple months Saturday mornings have been reserved for long ruck StarCourse training.  Nice to get back in the gloom on a Saturday a week before myself and 12 others tackle 50 in Columbus.


Plenty of good intentions and announcements were spoken.  Always be there when someone needs it.  You never know when you’re going to need someone to be there for you.  This group epitimizes that and is one of a million reasons why I love it so much.




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