4.13.19 Back Blast for The Nest @ The County

I love a Saturday Q. It’s a bit later than throughout the week. Most everyone is off of work so one doesn’t have the daily grind on their mind. And In The Gloom turns a bit into “In the Dawn.” In my experience, it’s an environment that’s more conducive for a bit of fun and some solid 2rdF. Now as the site Q, I’ve been fortunate to have a strong line up of HIM from week to week ready to lead us down the path to pain. But as I looked at the calendar a little over a week ago, I noticed that I didn’t have anyone lined up to Q. Oh yeah! It’s my turn! It’s my time! It’s my job to step up and do justice to the Saturday morning weekend warriors that said, “pashaw to you old man slumber! I can sleep when I’m dead! I’m going to own this day!

It’s Friday and I am gearin up and my wienke is lookin solid. All of a sudden at 1352, a text comes through on The County thread from Jolly Rancher that says, “Who wants to hit a few miles in tomorrow morning before Bird’s beatdown? Figured it be a good way to support the Star Course PAX by getting out in the gloom with them locally.” I’m not usually one to get a ruck in before a workout but I am a big fan of what our fellas set out to do and an even bigger fan of Jolly. He’s a great guy, has come such a long way and has come to be a dude that now regularly posts 5 days a week. And now he’s organizing a pre-post ruck? Hell yes I’m in! And so were 7 other PAX. 9 of us in total. HC for the ruck: Jolly Rancher, Mama’s Boy, Airplane, Alexa, LePew, Rocky, Gilligan, Gizelle and BigBird.

We circled the loop, got in about 3 miles and were greeted by the rest of the PAX eager to get our Saturday started off with what would prove to be an epic smoke show.

The rest of the PAX getting us to our magic number 14 for the day: Abacus and Cochran (T claps to Cochran for getting out and keeping up with Abacus for a pre-post run), Kimble, Wildflower and Aerobie(R)

Circled up for COP: Michael Phelps 15IC, SSH 15IC, Bat Wings 10 each direction IC (PAX realized that us County Boys might be some damn fine dancers), Lunge stretch, pigeon stretch.

Moseyed around the campus and ended up outside of the playground.

Tabata 1: BigBird Lunges

Tabata 2: Dips

The Thang: 30 minute EMOM 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats. Every minute on the minute. This made reinforce my belief in three things:

  1. These men have come to be my brothers.
  2. When we dig deep we can accomplish anything.
  3. Airplane never stops running his mouth.

While doing this Thang, I played a 30 minute motivational track.

Something truly special happened here that words cannot express. The only thing I can say is the cliche, “you had to be there.”

After we finished, we congratulated each other with homie fives and hugs because there wasn’t one there among us who wasn’t proud of the other…and Cochran’s a beast!

We moseyed back to the flags with 6 minutes to spare. On the mosey I told Alexa that I had one other thing planned with a Flock of Seagulls song and asked him would it be too much if I did it. His response, “Oh no, you have to do it!” And so it shall be…

Flock of Seagulls -I Ran: plank jacks for the song, high knees for the chorus, and burpees for the guitar solo.

That was my time!

We circled up for COR, NOR & COT. Rocky was the six and I asked him to share how he got his name. It’s an incredible story that justifies the name. Ask him about it-he’ll tell you.

Announcements: Passion Ruck 8:00 4/19 at The County, pre Convergence ruck at 0530 and the Convergence at 7-meet at the basketball courts. Also there will be Coffeeteria following that Airplane is coordinating. Throw down $5 if you can.

We said intentions for those that needed it. We also kept in our thoughts the warriors representing F3 Louisville for the Star Course (T-Claps fellas!)

Closed with a word of thanks to the thirteen men that went through hell with me on this day. Prayed The Our Father.

Until next time:


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