Back Blast 16-Apr-2019 Tuesday #theLoco and #theCounty 0530

The Chain Gang, F3 style.
Weather: 42 deg F, dry, still.
PAX: 22
Mama’s Boy
Jerry Maguire (R)
Jolly Rancher
Bulletin (R)
Pew Pew
Uncle Rico
Big Bird
Nice N Slow
Crock Pot (Q)
Disclaimer given, unfortunately no FNGs for today’s chain gang.
Warm Up:
Side Straddle Hops (IC): x15
Kendra Newmans (10 count forward, 10 count reverse)
Sprinkler (IC): x10
Good Morning (Bear Hug/Hulk) (IC): x10
Imperial Walkers (IC): x10
Michael Phelps (IC) x10
Abe Vigodas (IC) x10
High Knees (IC) x 10
Slooooooow Grass Grabbers (IC) x 10
Wide Stance Hold Left Heel (10 count)
Wide Stance Hold Right Heel (10 count)
Toy Soldier (IC) x10
Count off 1’s and 2’s.
Native American run ’round the parking lot.
Mosey to the coupons and introduce PAX to their ball and chain for the morning.
(All Exercises Single Count unless noted)
3 sets of:
Reverse Wood Choppers (lift coupon from left ankle to overhead right shoulder) x10
RWC the other way x10
Bent Over Row x10
3 sets of:
Press x10
Squat x10
Curl x10
Lion King (until it burns)
2 sets of:
‘M’ Merkins (IC): x6
Planked Coupon Step Ups (IC): x20
Planked Pull Through x20
2 sets of:
KB Swing x10
Left Lunge x10
Right Lunge x10
Man Makers, keep it locked out until Q calls ‘Down’ x10
Return coupons.
Count off 1’s and 2’s.
Native American run ’round the parking lot until time was up.
Announcements- Passion Ruck 4/19, TMF (pre-convergence) Ruck 4/20, and Spring 2019 Convergence 4/20. Hit up slack and donate $5 toward coffeeteria 2nd F after the workout.
Message- Today’s theme was based around doing everything in close proximity. Proximity is something that can either fuel you or be an anchor that you drag behind you. Grandmothers everywhere are quoted with saying, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” Taking that to a more precise level, personal development guru and author Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” When I first heard that, it convicted me. Even though it’s a broad or general statement, think about how that really applies to you. Take a minute today to think about how that statement applies to you in terms of: health, wealth, love, happiness, ambition, empathy, generosity, conscientiousness, and even your spiritual walk. If you’re anything like me, you can see the statement holds true for most of those categories.
So the final question is… is the SkyQ in one of your five?
Intentions- Our brother Jerry Maguire recently lost his father, who had been struggling with dementia, which had also been a burden on his mom. His family was lifted in intentions.
Closing prayer.
Until next meal,
Crock Pot

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