Backblast 4.16.19 B.o.W Vincent-Q

Just as predicted, it was perfect morning in the gloom.  Big, bright moon and a crisp 47 degrees.  12 HIM’s including one FNG and after a long hiatus, Nomo joined in for some coupons and cardio.   Gearlander was simple,  Hind bright yellow dry fit, Asics running shorts, Swag’s sport socks and Mizuno running shoes.

We moseyed the long way to the courts for COP.  SSH’s, grass grabbers, various stretches and imperial squat walkers for warmup.

Thang 1 – we partnered up and grabbed coupons for a Cardio/Coupon Thabata style workout.  There was a coupon exercise and a cardio exercise paired  together.  1 minute on with a 20 second break.  Partner 1 started with the coupon, partner 2 did the cardio movement then we switched off so each person did each exercise.  Pairings were as follows:

Curls / Plank Jacks

OHP / Squat Jacks

Dead Lifts / Bobby Hurley’s

Decline Merkins / Scissor Lunges

Squats / Mountain Climbers

Rows / Burpees

Thang 2 – one mile native American run.  Person in back did 5 merkins then sprinted to the front.   This landed us back at the tennis courts with 6 minutes for Core/Mary

Plank, elbow plank, left arm up, right arm up, Davinci’s, cross body pike – left leg, right arm, right leg – left arm and last but not least, heel touch crunches.

We circled up for announcements and COT.  Named our FNG Dumpster and welcomed back Nomo after a couple shoulder surgeries and long break healing.  I feel honored each and every time I get to lead this group.   Until next time, SYITG.


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