Back Blast – Bulletin Q at #theAgony 5/2/2019

PAX (11) – Jerry Maguire (R), Pew Pew, Scratch-N-Dent, Crock Pot, Amelia, Jolly Rancher, Mama’s Boy, Gilligan, Meter Maid, Red Wagon, Bulletin QIC (R).

Disclaimer said we moseyed to the parking lot in front of school for COP.   Side-Straddle Hop IC, Abe Vigodos IC, Kindra Newmans, Slow Grass grabbers, and Downward dog.  Crock Pot had asked for some AOlympics practice with our workouts so I added 2-minutes of Merkins.

I always like to make use of the playground for some pullups so…Count off in 2s. 

1’s Mosey to Coupons and carry 2 coupons in front of the Playground, do 20/30 pullups then mosey to the first island in the parking lot.

2’s Mosey to the Playground and do 20/30 pullups, grab 2 coupons and carry them to the first island in the parking lot.

We meet up around the Bulletin Board with the following list of exercises:

15 Coupon Press

15 Squats

15 Curls

15 Skull Crushers

20 Coupon Swings

1-ARM Rows 10 each arm

15 Front Raises

Ran this as a you versus you, run to the cone (60 yards away) ALL OUT between each exercise do X number merkins and mosey back.  Rinse and repeat until time was called.

The X number of merkins were determined by a roll of the yard dice every few minutes. 

Returned the coupons and convened at the back of school for our second AOlympics event practice.   2 minutes of Box jumps.   The we returned to the flag area for 1 minute of big buoys.

COR, NOR, announcements, intentions – Done



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