BackBlast 5/10 Uncle Rico @ Pleasantville

Was a beautiful brisk morning in Pleasantville like always and 7 Pax got better.

Pax – Uncle Rico (Q), Chiklis, Zima, Plumb Bob, Grinder, Fructose, Scratch N Dent

Disclaimer and Quick Mosey around the circle

SSH 20
Grass Grappers 15
Imperial Walkers 20
3 Count Merkins 10

Thang – Went to the Mountain (Amphitheater -8 Steps) Each Step increased rep by 10 with a mosey around the circle between rounds 1&2

Reps                  Round 1                                            Round 2
10                    Incline Merkins                    Heals to Heaven
20                     Box Jumps                            Big Boy Sit Ups
30                    Carolina DryDocks               Gas Pumps
40                     Balvarian BallBusters          Pickle Pounders
50                     Merkins                                  Flutter Kicks Single Count
60                     Step Ups                                  Doggie Paddle Single Count
70                     Airpress                                   American Hammers Single Count
80                     Squats                                       JLo’s Single Count

Planked for the 6 and with 10 Minutes to Go……..

BURPEE MOUNTAIN – Started with 1 and added each step.  Total of 36

Announcements and Intentions.  Thanked the PAX for coming out to get better and ended with an Our Father.



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