Backblast Guest Q by PK at the Tank 06.05.19


It was 3:30 am when thunder began rolling through my neighborhood.  The rain was pouring down.  Probably sounded worse, as my house is currently getting new gutters, so it sounded as if waves of water was running off the roof.  Didn’t matter, Fungi needed a reliever to Q the Tank, and the sweat I planned on bringing would mix well with the rain.

The thunderstorm moved out of the area, even the rain and thunder didn’t want anything to do with the workout. As the PAX rolled in, it was clear that Tank did not bring their fastest legs for the day.  Which was a relief, as I am catering to a strained Hammie, and knew if Iceman was there, I was going to pull it for sure.

PAX: Greenwhich, McAfee, Drysdale, FNG (DIY), Rhythm, FloJo, PK

FloJo mentioned that Fungi had convinced an FNG to come out, so we should keep our heads on a swivel to see if he arrives.  The disclaimer was given, then we waited for McAfee to finish getting himself ready. How many times is he going to mess with his vest?  It looks fine, such a prima donna.  We began with a mosey and six men headed toward the Jeffersonian. Vets has really done a great job on renovating the park, and the path between the Jeffersonian and the Memorial is now fully lit.  Along the way to the turn around before the Jeffersonian we moseyed and performed Marios, butt kickers, Carioca (left) with mosey in between.  Then on the way back, we picked up the FNG and did Carioca (right), high knees, and Marios again.

Gathered around the circle at the memorial and performed the following exercises.

Toe Touches (15 seconds)

Left over right Toe Touches (15 Seconds)

Right over left Toe Touches (15 seconds)

Abe Vigodas (15)

Imperial Walker Squats (15)

SSHs (30)

The next part of the workout involved splitting the PAX into two groups.  The workout was one that I had lead before and remembered it kicking everyone’s ass.   In my mind, I named it the Tomb Raider, however after the workout, I am considering changing it to the Battle of the Neck.  Group 1 and Group 2 begin at the long stone bench (the Tomb) near the memorial.  Group 1 is to proceed down the steps and out the front of the memorial area through “the Neck”.  In the Neck they are to perform the workout designated for the round. Then proceed in the circle around the memorial and back to the top of the Neck.  At this point they are to proceed through the Neck again performing the same workout designated for that round.  While Group 1 is doing their work, Group 2 is performing a designated exercise on the Tomb.  Here is what we did:

Round 1: G1- Bear Crawl, G2- Dips

Round 2: G1- Broad Jump, G2- Box Jumps

Round 3: G1- Crab Walk, G2-Decline Merkins

Round 4: G1- Burpee Broad Jump, G2- Box Jumps

Round 5: G1- Lung Walk, G2- Incline Merkins

Round 6: G1- Bernie Sanders, G2- Box Jumps

Everyone seemed to have a good sweat going.  We still had time for a couple of items that I had planned.  Everyone already bent over and gathered at the Tomb, time to get on your six and complete Captain Thor.  Big Boy sit-ups with American Hammers completed in a 1:4 ration up to 10:40.

Gathered the PAX down around the seal, and we were going to hold elbow plank until the workout was over.  Only a minute was left.  Overall, I enjoy this workout, and may bring it back out with modifications again another day.  With that, time was called, count-off performed, name-o-rama, and naming of our new FNG.  Everyone was pretty smoked, Two out of six regulars messed up the name-o-rama, as well as the FNG.  It was pretty quiet as we were all drawing blanks on what to name the FNG.  He claims to be pretty handy, so we named him DIY.  We welcomed him to the PAX and closed out the workout with a Ball-o-man and a prayer.

As each workout concludes, even if it isn’t said by the Q, I pray that the workout is the most difficult item each member has to do that day.  That they face each challenge with the same tenacity that they do in the gloom.  That they pick up those around them, as if they were a member of the PAX.  That they be a light to others as well as an example and a challenge to help others be the best that they can be.  Thank you for being that positive impact in my life and challenging me to do more. PK

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