BB – 7.11.19 @ the Extender – 7/11

Sorry for delay in posting…been a week.

  1. PAX 14: Windshield, Wham-o (R), Backdraft, Glen Ross, Noxema Jackson, PED, Plum Bob, Blueprint, Sump Pump, Larry Flynt, Loco, Tiger, Fridge, Pepperoni (Q)

So after a little hiatus in May and early June I’ve been working to get back into shape where I could actually Q.  After seeing the Site Qs Qing over and over at the Mutt, I knew it was time to step up.  Threw my name out for 7/11.  I had just accepted a new job and figured 7/11 would be my second to last day at I’d be on cruise control, get a creative Q lined up, etc.  (WRONG).  Also with date being 7/11 I had big ideas on some dice games to determine our fate in the Gloom.   Fast forward a couple weeks…and none of this occurred.  (I had an epiphany as to the dice game around midnight, but too late to put into production by the AM.)  So took an old weinke and shook it up a little bit.

5:15 Walk out the back door….holy heat and humidity! I can’t remember being hit with that at this hour ever.  This should be “fun”…

5:18 Arrive at Le Mutt.  See the Extender Flag…where’d this come from?  Word on the street was @ZOO dropped if off on his way to the O.  Hmm…could have saved him a couple cents on gas if he’d just stayed at the Mutt. (Shrug)

5:30 Disclaimer given and mosey around to the big parking lot.

Warmup: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Michael Phelps, multiple versions of downward dog, etc.

Thing 1: Partner up and “Catch me if you can” around the neighborhood.  Partner 1 jogs ahead, Partner 2 does 10 merkins.  P2 tags P1, P1 does 10 merkins. Repeat many times.

Thing 2: Remain partnered up, one grabs a couple and go the big parking lot.  One partner would jog around the parking lot, the other would be doing the below exercises.  150/group.

Coupon Chest Press, Coupon Shoulder Press,  Coupon Squats, Coupon Rows, Coupon Curls

Coupons returned and we circle up for some merry.  PAX choice until 6:15. Call it

COT: Announcements made and intentions stated.  For me this group means a lot and I admitted that I have not pulled my weight recently.  It was my time to Q and said that I would make it my goal to Q at least once a month.  Encouraged others to do the same.  Makes life on the Site Qs a lot easier)  A lot of life going on out there.  New career paths, new homes.  We thank the Sky Q for all we have and ask him to look over the HIM of F3 Louisville.

Pepperoni out

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