07.16.19 – Bag O’ Wrenches backblast – Old Bay and an encounter with Marilyn

Short on time, let’s get right to it.

PAX: 30!! Pope, Hombre (DR from Cherokee – Atlanta?), Digiorno, Buschhh, Tron, Fridge, Pixar, Lobstah, Fergie, Butcher, Paris, Deer Tick, Splinter, Jeter, Cutlass, Wham!, Face, Red Roof, Fall Guy (RR), Trump, Vincent (R), Merlin, Jinxie, Flo Jo , Dynomite, McAfee, Maxi, Gillespie, Pork Chop, Old Bay (QIC).

Gear: F3 tee, Target shorts, Balega Hidden Comfort socks, Asics Cumulus Gels.  Gouty toe, but a can-do attitude.

The Pax came on foot, they came by car, they came by carrier pigeon.  Hell, I think I saw Face emerge from the ground with his 50 lb chest plate.  I already knew one part of my Q could be problematic, but I decide to stick with the plan.  Look at these numbers – let’s get after it.

  • Zartan is DR, so I ask McAfee to be SiteQ and keep an eye on things.  He agrees without hesitation.
  • Disclaimer.  I am not a professional.  It’s hot and humid, so modify as needed.  Everything I say is a suggestion.  Like, I suggest we start with 20 burpees.  I got boos and proclamations of bullshit.  I love this.
  • COP:  Mosey to tennis courts.  Run perimeter and then circle up.  SSH, T-Merkins, LBC, Copperhead squats, Dog, runner’s stretch.  Count off 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2.
  • THANG 1.  2 lines.  Indian Run down the front stretch of the park.  I was worried we would take up too much of the path, but we kept an eye out for runners and walkers.  Sure enough, we come upon 2 ladies running in our direction.  We call it out, and spread to the sides as best we can.  We were greeted with pleasantries from said ladies: “Good morning boys!  Thank you!  Good work!”  We thought that was nice.

Braveheart charge

  • Let’s cross the field.  A 1 partners with a 2.  Wheelbarrow halfway across, then switch.  That’s a long wheelbarrow.
  • Reform 2 lines for Indian Run down the backstretch of the park.  We are still keeping an eye out for runners.  I’m the 6 at this point, and I think I hear more words of positive affirmation up ahead from another oncoming female runner.  Nope.  It’s Marilyn, and she is pissed.  She said some very NSFW things, and asked what the hell is wrong with us.  Well, a lot of things.  This was a nice topic for mumblechatter as we made our way back.

Marilyn Runner

  • Stop at the treeline across from bathrooms.  Let’s cross the field again.  Mode of transportation:  Bearkins.  1 Merkin, 5 Bearcrawl steps, repeato.
  • Thang 2:  Mosey to school.  Everyone grab some curb for Round-the-clock-Merkins.  5 inclines, rotate for 5 off-sets, rotate for 5 derkins, rotate for 5 offsets.  Repeat.
    • Running out of time.  Recovery mosey back to tennis courts.
  • Thang 3:  I quickly form 4 groups: 1 does T merkins, 2 does LBCs, 3 does Burpees, 4 runs perimeter and then pushes groups.  We got 2 full rounds in.
  • It’s 6:14.  F3 membership costs A LOT of money, and I don’t want to short change anyone…1 minute plank….and TIME.

COR > NOR > Announcements > BOM

I took us out with words of gratitude, and a prayer for patience.  I’m working on recognizing how good life is, and I how good I have it.  Don’t let some little setback ruin my day or my week, because a lot of people would die to have my problems.  Always honored to lead you men.  Especially to celebrate 2 year anniversary of my first Q.  And especially to swipe the Ghost Flag in the process YEET YEET!!

~Old Bay out

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