Backblast: Black Ops @ the O – 7/15

It’s been awhile since my last Q.  I had an idea of what I was going to do but changed everything at the 11th hour the night before.

PAX: PED, Fall Guy (R), Viking, Speed Bump, Glen Ross and Blueprint (Q).

5:30 hit and gave disclaimer about not being a professional, to modify where needed and we were off for the short loop to the tennis courts.

COP:  SSH’s (25), Imperial Walkers (25), Downward Dog, Calf Stretches, Flutter Kicks (20) and 5 Burpees.

Thang 1:  Run the long circle and stopped at every other light pole – alternating between 5 Big Boys or 5 Burpees (I forgot how many light poles there are on the circle).

Thang 2:  We took a right before getting back the tennis courts for some 11’s on the hill.  We ran down the hill for 1 LBC and back up for 10 T-Merkins, the 2-9. 3-8. etc until we finished.

Thang 3:  We slow moseyed back to the tennis courts for a round of BLIMPS.  Started on one side of the net and did an exercise in the middle of each court before running to the next until finished with 1 Round.  Exercises as follows: 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges (per leg), 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Merkins, 25 Plank Jacks and 30 Squats

Thang 4: Little bit of Mary to end things: Gas Pumps, Flutter Kicks and Single Leg Flutters

Called it at 6:16 (Glen Ross was mumbling about going over)  Quick Mosey to the Flag Area for Name O Rama and COT – quick mention of the Ruck and Closed this one out with letting everyone know how humbled I am by this group and how you help me be a better person everyday at home and at work.  I appreciate you all and am thankful for being able to participate in this group.

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