7.9.19 The Loco @The County-Back Blast

It’s been a while since I’ve Q’d at the County on a Tuesday. History shows over the last several months that Tuesday’s bring out the largest #’s. I’d be lying if I told you that YHC wasn’t a little bit nervous about putting together a beatdown suitable to accommodate a large crowd of HIM eager to be handed out a proper punishment at O dark thirty. Would we grab coupons? Would we do stations? Should I utilize the playground for some DORA and other such nonsense? One thing for sure, there would definitely be some Tabata! At the end of it all, I decided to KISS.

As 0530 approached, 24 would show up in total ready to work. Abacus would take two HIM with him and peel off for a Run-Heavy Tuesday.

PAX: Abacus (runner), Cochran (runner), Ashley (runner), Little Jerry (R), Double Down (R), Gisele, Jolly Rancher, Dauber, Captain Krunchberry, Sand Trap (R), Wildflower, Pew Pew, Bulletin (R), Viking, Cowboy, Short Circuit, Gooaaaal!, Crockpot, Dutch Oven, The GOAT, Jerry McGuire (R), Grizzly, Kimble, BigBird (Q)

Short Mosey around half of the Campus.

COP: SSH 15 IC, Toy soldiers 15 IC Grass Grabbers 15 IC (The GOAT), Michael Phelps 10 IC, Runners stretch.

Tabata: 20 on 10 off of Peter Parker Merkins, Bears, Donkey Kicks, Jump Squats – Rinse and Repeat

The Thang: Ring of Fire – For the next 20 minutes PAX would run a large loop around the lot stopping at one of four quadrants for an exercise: 5 burpees, 10 jump lunges, 15 merkins, 20 squats. Rinse and Repeat for as many rounds as possible.

Circle up for some Mary: Double Down would lead us in some Gas Pumps, Sand Trap had us doing Flutter kicks, Bulletin pushed us to do 3 count on the down Big Boys (woof), and Cowboy would bring us home with a crowd favorite, Pickle Pounders.

COT: announcements: St. Aloysius church picnic, Crockpot owning the week by taking the Heavy Q on Wednesday and come back for a second helping as he and his 2.0’s Q the F3 Dads. Grizzly is raising $ in support of Muscular Dystrophy. There is an event at the Burn Boot camp locations July 20th @ 9am. $25 to participate and all proceeds go to the cause.

We said some intentions, gave thanks and asked that we look to raise up those less fortunate and be a beacon of light to those in darkness.

Until next time:


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