Back Blast C-A-T-S Cats, Cats, Cats 24-Aug-2019 Saturday the Max @ Bayside 06:00 Crock Pot Q

PAX: 6
Banana Bread
Shuttlecock (R)
Crock Pot (Q)
Weather: 62 deg F, 70% RH, with a crisp breeze.
YHC is not a professional, nor has he received any certification or training. Everything Q says is merely a suggestion. You as a PAX are here voluntarily on your own free will. This will likely be a high intensity exercise, so if you have any medical condition or physical limitation, you should consider not participating or modifying. You are encouraged to modify everything as necessary according to your ability, disability, injury, fitness level, etc.
Warm Up:
Side Straddle Hops (IC): x15
Slooooow Grass Grabbers (IC): x10
Stay down, hold left ankle: 8 count
Stay down, hold right ankle: 8 count
Kendra Newman forward: 8 count
Kendra Newman backward: 8 count
Imperial Walker (IC): x10
Toy Soldier (IC): x10
Christian Laettner (A shoulder mobility exercise where you put fists near your eyes and have elbows wide. Now move elbows all the way down and back up, like you are boo-hooing after the ref caught you being a cheater) (IC): x5
Side Straddle Hops 1.5x speed (IC): x15
Mosey to the asphalt football field.
Thang 1:
The Champion Suicide Drill
If you’ve ever played basketball, you know the suicide drill. It’s where you run ‘down and backs’ of different distances. This is the championship version.
At the starting line (and every time you return to the starting line) PAX did 8 reps of Tony Delk (perhaps UK’s best 3 point shooter ever). This is similar to a Bobby Hurley, with three exceptions: You hit the 3 pointers, Bobby Hurley sucks, and Duke sucks. The 8 reps obviously commemorates UK’s 8 NCAA championships.
The cones were set up at 48 yards, 49 yards, 51 yards, 58 yards, 78 yards, 96 yards, 98 yards, and 12 yards, which just so happens to be the years that UK won those 8 championships.
Thang 2:
BBN (Blockees, Bernie, Nolan ryan)
There is a near station and far station. The near station was Blockees (Man Makers). The transition move between the stations was Bernie Sanders. The far station was Nolan Ryan.
We staged it at 1 & 1, 2 & 2, 3 & 3, all the way to 8 & 8. After a couple of ten counts, we did the BBN from 8 & 8 all the way back down to 1 & 1.
Thang 3:
2 rounds of Skills Training w/ coupons. 40 second intervals of AMRAP each exercise, with 20 seconds of transition time.
Chest Pass – Like a bench press, except you’re in standing position.
Agility – Side to side steps over a coupon that is lying down.
Box Out – Planked pull through with coupons.
Explosive Jumps – Stand the coupon up the tall way. Squat until you barely touch the coupon, then explode into a jump.
Dribble – Dips (with or without coupons).
Trophy Presentation – Overhead press
C-A-T-S, Cats, Cats, Cats
We did rounds of:
Crunches (IC): x8
American Hammer (IC): x8
T-Bombs (IC): x8
Supermans (IC): x8
Time was called.
Announcements- We chatted about IronPAX. I seriously takes less than 60 seconds to sign up. Let’s do it and see what everyone has in September.
Message- The second F of F3 is fellowship. A subset of that is friendship. Banana Bread and I both did our engineering co-op rotations at GE’s Appliance Park here in Louisville. Since then, our lives took different turns. We’ve each moved, gotten married, had kids, and have built our own careers. This could’ve been the end of the story and the de facto end of the friendship. No regrets or blame to be had, that’s just the way it works.
But… when I showed up to my inaugural post at Bayside I didn’t even have to get all the way to the circle before he greeted me. After a fist bump, we hugged it out, and then he commenced a beat down where I found myself DFL (don’t google that acronym at work). I loved it.
In the book of 1 Samuel it talks about a friendship that happened despite every piece of evidence pointing to the fact that it wouldn’t. Saul was the king of Israel. His son Jonathan should have been the heir to the throne. But due to a cascade of misbehavior, Saul’s kingdom was being taken from him, and king David was chosen as the next king of Israel. You would think that Jonathan would hate (or at least envy) David for this. No regrets or blame to be had, that’s just the way it works.
But… they became friends. This friendship ran deep, even to the point of Jonathan putting himself at risk for David’s benefit. Keep in mind the person he was standing up to was his own dad (the current king). That kind of friendship wasn’t the most likely outcome given the circumstances.
The fellowship of F3 is the glue that sticks us together. I encourage you to be the kind of friend that Jonathan was to David. He and God were on the same page. He and David were on the same page. Despite the fact that he and king Saul were NOT on the same page, his friendship with David and faith in God helped him make a tough but correct call. No one would’ve expected the two of them to have the friendship they did, but God used it for good.
Be that kind of friend. Have that kind of faith.
Intentions- We prayed for wisdom, nourishment, and safety of Shuttlecock’s M (and group) as they attend and travel to/from a Beth Moore conference. We also prayed for the recovery and healing of Banana Bread’s M.
NakedMan Moleskin: The wit was strong at Bayside this morning. Louisville basketball caught a verbal beatdown. Hat tip to Thumbtack for some of the more clever UK vs. UofL analogies. Well played.
Until next meal,
Crock Pot

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