9.26.19 Back Blast-PWVFD BO

So this is how it all went down: Fungi, the site Q at The County’s newest BO location needed Qs. I hadn’t Q’d there yet and I love me some Fungi, so sign me up! In wienke preparation, I scrolled through my phone and found a saved workout that I hadn’t yet broken out yet about an overweight female. We’ll pause there for a moment and fast forward to the Tuesday before. Fungi was supposed to Q at The Garden. Due to a knee injury, he placed himself on the IR and asked for sub. Kilo, being the HIM he is, literally nabbed it within seconds. I actually was planning on showing up for it but the last week of the Iron Pax Challenge ruined me from the day before. I read Kilo’s post on Mumble Chatter to find out that he had done Fat Amy (Not the first time, no doubt)! I mean, for real?! What are the chances that both he and I had the same idea within two days of each other? Great minds, right? Now, I know I could roll with it cuz the chances are small that any of the same PAX at The Garden that day would show up at the FD. But there was still a chance. And I can’t have Kilo thinking I’m riding off of his coat tails. Time to look for something else. I would then find the story of Army Sgt. Zachary Tellier. He was a Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne. Upon conducting a mounted patrol, a vehicle in the convoy rolled over a bomb. The vehicle caught fire and Tellier jumped in and pulled two comrades out of the burning vehicle severely burning his hands in the process. Leave no man behind?? Yeah, this one’s my winner. The WOD that was created in his name would help us to work to appreciate how lucky we are to do so.

Uncharacteristically, I decided to post the workout on my PB so that guys could decide whether or not to take part (IPC and Fat Amy and all…) 6 other HIM would answer the call on this day.

PAX: Bulletin(R), Captain Crunchberry, Cratchit, Flop Flop, Fungi, Jolly Rancher, BigBird(Q)

0530, said disclaimer and let’s get it on!

COP: High knees down, Butt kickers back. Super Mario down, Karaoke back. Circle up for SSH, Abe Vagoda’s, 3 Count Merkins, Runners Stretch, Pigeon Stretch. Recover.

Outlined The Thang to the PAX in Murph format, in that, we would run, complete the Thang and run again to conclude. The run would be about 500 meters.


We all worked hard until time was called. Recover.

Circled up around a large well lit flag for COT, COR & NOR. Fungi announced his four part series soon to come in effort to track progress and continue to get better. Said some intentions for a bit of good new and also some not so good news. Thanked the PAX for making it out with me and pushing me to be better every day. Wouldn’t be the same with out ya’s!

Until next time…


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