10/2/19 BB: Blende @ the Mutt (Heavy)

Pax (12): OJ, Wham, Noxeema Jackson, Tureen, No Show, Old Bay, Ham, Glen Ross, Vincent (R), Larry Flint, Tammy Fay Baker, Fergie (Q)

Weather: a balmy high 60s / low 70s

This was my first Q on a heavy, and only my second post at the Mutt Heavy. So, unfamiliar territory for me.

The morning went like this:

Started with a disclaimer. The workout had a lot of movement, but quite a bit of movements involving weight. So, instructions were given to modify as needed, and to focus on form, not speed (no rep counts today).

Started w a lap around the school to get the blood moving. Moved to some warm-up in the COP:

SSH * 25

Grass Grabbers * 10

Down Dog + Runner’s Stretch

We did a bit more light stretching OYO while I explained the morning. Which, the one and only thang:

Each Pax grabbed a coupon, and a partner and lined up in one of 9 lanes. Most lanes were ~30 yards, though some were modified to closer to 50. Partner 1 was to do the first exercise, which was the movement across the parking lot. Partner 2 stayed at the start AMRAPing the stationary exercise. Once partner one completed the down and back, switch. Repeat for 2 minutes, then move to the next station. The lanes were:

Lane 1 – Sled Pull / L-C-R Coupon Merkin

Lane 2 – Buckets o’ Fun* / Coupon Squat Thruster

Lane 3 – Coupon Run / Coupon Curl

Lane 4 – Reverse Sled Pull / Goblet Squats

Lane 5 – Pallet Pusher / Skull Crusher

Lane 6 – Coupon Overhead Carry / Plank or Slosh Pipe

Lane 7 – Sled / Coupon Calf Raises

Lane 8 – Coupon Run / BBSU

Lane 9 – Coupon Walking Lunge / Coupon Flutter Kicks

In all, I think we each hit around 12 lanes in total.

*Buckets o’ Fun – These buckets have been sitting at my house for a couple months now. They are a Lowe’s bucket, each filled with a 50# bag of concrete. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to get Rumpke to take them, and having to haul 100# down and back up my drive, I decided they were best served for use at F3.

We closed a few minutes early to get all of the gear back to the locker and the coupons to the garden, and closed with CoR, NoR, and CoT.

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