GORUCK tough #Live3rd service projects

I have been so excited to announce F3 partnership with both of these wonderful groups. Benchmark Family services and Wayside Christian Mission. Completely separate, yet similar in mission. Each of these organizations strives daily to help those less fortunate in our community. I’m extremely confident in the HIM of F3 stepping up to the plate and making a difference in our community through these two wonderful organizations.

Wayside Christian Mission

Continuing to serve as one of Louisville’s main safety nets, Wayside Christian Mission tackles the root causes of homelessness using a proven holistic approach.  Alcoholism, substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, and a lack of education and/or vocational skills are among the leading causes of homelessness.  By addressing the primary causes of homelessness in a nurturing, caring environment, those bound by poverty and addiction have been able to return to the community as sober, self-supporting citizens.

F3Louisville has partnered with Wayside Christian on several occasions.  Most recently, we collected gallon water jugs for the samaritans walk on Monday nights.  The samaritans walk ministry attempts to reach people who are unwilling or unable to make it in to the designated Wayside homeless shelter.  Our very own Jitterbug has been an integral part of the Samaritans walk and is helping to spearhead our efforts.

The current need for this ministry is ready to eat food items.  Something that’s easy to hand out and eat with little preparation.  Soup cans with pull tab lid, ready to serve rice etc….

We are asking for these type of ready to eat food items be brought to the Endex of the GORUCK tough on 10/12.  


Benchmark Family Services 

Benchmark Family Services is a network of professional, therapeutic foster homes and committed staff across four states with the goal of providing stable out-of-home placements for children in need. We work alongside child welfare agencies to provide stable care to youth in the least restrictive setting possible as they work toward their goals. The results we see in the youth that pass through our care encourage us to carry on in our mission to give even the most troubled kids a second chance.

When a child first comes in to the foster care system. They are often given 10 mins to throw all of their personal belongings into a trash bag. It is already traumatizing to be pulled from the only home they’ve known and then to have their items placed in trash bags used for garbage, makes that situation worse.  

Our very own Catfish is spearheading this #3rdF outreach.


With that said we will be collecting used luggage for foster children to place their belongings in.  This will be collected at the Endex of the GORUCK tough on 10/12.


Collection Point

Ashland Park

214 Center St. 

Clarksville, IN 47129

Saturday October 12th at 9AM

Please feel free to reach out directly to me (Kilo) if you’re unable to drop off on the 12th and we will find a way for you to donate.  

As always #Live3rd



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