10/30/2019 Blender BackBlast

Pax (16) Wham!, Worm, Cornbread (respect), PED, Plumb Bob, Snowman, Geppetto, Larry Flynt, Backdraft, Lionel, NoShow, SumpPump, Fridge, Buschhhhh, Tureen, Glen Ross Q

Conditions: 55* cloudy, rain on the way

As I mentioned in the preblast (does anyone read those anymore?) weinke for today’s heavy was to blend 2 workouts into 1.

Most of the station work we have already done—did add in a few newly decorated coupons (Halloween themed) a few pumpkins (that got dropped—Buschhhhh and Fridge) and my mother in law’s 5lb weighted vest (just so everyone can see how it feels to be CI for a minute or two)

Got to the Mutt at 5:10 for set up and most of the guys showed up early (5:25 range). Set up each station—keeping them close in a mutt like circle and got the tunes ready for 5:30 start

Issued disclaimer and then I paired the pax up into 2’s—just putting them with the person they were standing next to (we did a lot of counting at Tigers Q yesterday)

  • Station 1: was the push station—this was 40 yard up and 40 yard back farmer carry (about 2 minutes)
  • Station 2: mother in law’s purple colored weighted vest while jump roping, partner 2 does curls
  • Station 3: American Hammers with 25lb weight plate/ Big Boys with 25lb weight
  • Station 4: Bench Press with flutter kicks
  • Station 5: Partner Pumpkin toss (was later modified to medicine ball toss—see above)
  • Station 6: AMWRAP (not sure what the W stands for) Merkins w/ Rucks on (30lbs in each ruck)
  • Station 7: 2 minutes of mumblechatter (this one was for Zoo)
  • Station 8: Coupon bench press
  • Station 9: left arm row/ right arm row

We did 1 set and then did a second set that was supposed to be a speed set—45 seconds at each station and then run to the next one. After finishing second set—with not much speed I called an audible we did one lap around school—half of it was bernie’d. Partnered back up for 1 more complete set and ended right at 6:14 with 3 full sets completed.

Circled up for COT:  Passed the 6 over to Worm who told us about his rap skills and be on the lookout for a performance sometime at HDHH by Wormy Boyz (i’m an HC)              Also special thanks to Worm for making the drive out this morning to the Mutt!

Announcements: there is a lot going on (I should record this part too), intentions and Cornbread led us out with Prayer.

Another great day in the gloom and my first Heavy VQ out of the way too—thanks to the 15 that got out with me this morning

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