11.12.19 Peggy Baker Park B.O. – BB – BigBird Q

The Gloom has a good way of bringing things out in people. Effort. Digging deep. Finding that you can push yourself beyond your limitations. That’s the 1stF. The Magnet. Then there’s the part where you get to know guys on a deeper level. The stories we share with one another as we do a warm up mosey, or partner work or Indian run; whatever csaup idea the Q of the day can dream up that promotes quality fellowship. Stories about our work week or vacations, sports, kids or personal lives. Whatever it is, the Gloom can draw it out of us. That’s the 2rdF. The Glue.

In the springtime of this past year, Bulletin and I shared one of those mornings. He told me about the position that his sister had found herself in. How she had gotten there. What her fate would be if she didn’t get help. And then he told what he was contemplating doing. I say contemplating but he is a High Impact Man. Getting even better every day in mind, body and spirit. He knew what needed to be done and that he was the one that was going to do it. Throughout the course of other mornings I would follow up with him. He told me it was going to happen and an approximate time frame but that he was trying to keep it under wraps until the time drew nearer. Wow, man! That’s letting me in to some deeply personal shit! I was honored that he felt comfortable enough to share with me and had trust that I would keep it to myself.

Fast forward to present. Bulletin asked who could step up to Q at Peggy Baker. Of corse, yeah! Whatever you need B! Especially since this would be the first Q after his surgery. Peggy Baker is relatively new and Bulletin has taken proud ownership over it and done a helluva nice job. I’m sure he wants to keep that momentum going. Well sir, Imma do my best to represent you well.

Now on this particular morning, it was cold, windy and we just had our first snowfall of the year in the wee hours before. I’m betting the fartsack looked like a pretty viable option to most. But to my six brothers, we would get up, get out and get better.

PAX: Abacus, Backflop, Captain Crunchberry, Cochran, Mama’s Boy, Pelican, BigBird (Q)

0530, said disclaimer and off for a cautious warmup mosey. Black ice was all around on this morning.

COP: SSH, all out for 40 yards and mosey back (it was cold out and we had to warm up). Grass grabbers, all out 40 yards and mosey back. Mtn Climbers, you get the idea. Hillbilly Squats and one last down and back.

Now that we’re loose…

Tabata: Merkins


The Thang: 11’s – Jump Lunges and Burpees. Even on this frigid morning, there was some solid mumble chatter going on. I checked on Abacus to make sure he was doing ok after running the 50k trail run just two days before. He responded by saying, “yeah, I put a couple of miles in this morning to get loose.” Dude’s a machine!


Manah Manah: hold Al Gore for the entirety of the song. Every time you hear manah, manah, drop for an “ass to the grass” squat. This reminded Abacus of a fun exercise wherein you ask Siri what zero divided by zero is. Try it out.


Mary: Hold plank for a minute. Peter parkers, JLo’s, Gas Pumps, Flutter kicks

Mosey to the front for COR, NOR & COT

Made some announcements. Reminder to get socks to Uncle Rico.

Lifted our intentions up to the Sky Q and asked for a speedy recovery for our boy Bulletin. You have been a quiet Beast and such an inspiration to us all! I hope I did you proud!

Until next time…

Greg Hillner, 42, Bulletin (Respect!)

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