11/15/2019 Mary T BlackOps BackBlast

Pax (12): Fall Guy (Respect), Tammy Faye Baker, Fergie, Hamm, SumpPump, FloJo, Fridge, Lionel, Handbook, Blueprint, Wham!, Glen Ross Q

Conditions:  28* feels like 23

Week 4 of the Friday BlackOps at Mary T and really loving this location.  Very similar to the O, but more tightly compact with 9 hole golf course, reservoir track (that coincidently gets open up at 5:30am), tennis courts, huge parking lot with plenty of lights and playground too.  Also, it’s a chance to have a new AO in Crescent Hill and we have over 25 Pax that live within a few miles of the spot.  So on to the workout.

I was thinking last week that I would pick up the Q today and like all of my Q’s I wanted to have a name for this one.  When the unofficial site Q told me he was out after a trampoline accident with his M—I knew we had to have a good old fashion merkinoff. Also, I wanted to have some fun and name the giant hill (the one that we usually go sledding on) which I believe hole #5.

Disclaimer at 5:30—no FNGs but solid turnout.  Mosey’d over to the playground (this is usually a splash park in the summer) for quick warm up: 20 SSH/ 20 Imperial Walkers/ 20 Mountain Climbers

Thang 1: mosey to the tennis courts for some corner work: Corner 1, 10 T merkins, corner 2, 15 Mountain Climbers, corner 3, 20 merkins, corner 4 25 plank jacks. Repeated round but increased each corner to +10.   Also in between rounds I asked Fall Guy for some help.  Fall Guy is a true HIM—66 years young and kicking most of our asses 4 or 5 times a week.  He also has about 20 years on everyone (except for Sump).  So I asked Fall Guy to think back over his 66 years and be thinking about the biggest B$#&@ that he could think of—we would need this later on.

On to Thang 2 but stopped back at the playground for quick 20 incline merkins on the picnic tables—I told you this place has everything.  At this point its 5:45 and we make our way on to the golf course.  BTW total merkin count is 100

Also, Thang 2 required us to use the big hill on hole #5 and we would need to mosey by the maintenance shack. I noticed a few cars already over there and getting caught or asked to leave would have ruined this so I asked the pax to go zero dark thirty as we made our way to the hill.

As we made our way down the hill I stopped 3 times—about 15/20 yards apart and dropped off a cone at each stop.  As we settled at the bottom I heard Flo say something about suicides–you got it!   From the top to the bottom, its probably 75 yards

So the plan was to have 4 stops. One at the bottom, then hit the 3 cones and back. Round 1: 2 merkins at the bottom, then 4 at cone 1, then 6 at cone 2, then 8 at the top/ cone 3. Total merkin count of 24 but man this hill is a real bitch. So before we kicked off round 2 I asked Fall Guy and without hesitation he gave us a name—Mary Sue #@%&&#$.  Yes he told us last name too—but I decided to leave that out of the BB.  So now we have a name for this hill—Mary Sue.  On to round 2. Same thing as round 1 but upped the stops to 3 merkins at the bottom, then 6, then 9, then 12 at the top. If you finish early SSH for the 6. Ended with the AYG round 3: This one was 4 merkins at the bottom, then 8, then 12, then 16 at the top.  Wrapped this up right at 6:07—made our way back to the parking lot for some Mary.  Total merkin count at Mary Sue 108

Back in the parking lot with 5 minutes of mary—20 LBC/ 20 American hammers/ 20 gas pumps/ 20 flutter kicks.  30 seconds left we did 10 merkins and ended the day with 218

COT: Announcements—November Ruck next Friday, and Lionel’s VQ this Tuesday at the Mutt.

Intentions: Prayers for Hamm’s family as they celebrate the life of his grandmother who passed on Tuesday

Prayer: Ended with prayer of thanks and remind pax to be thankful for all that we have and to give a bit more this year.

As I was driving home I was thinking about all the merkins, the hill work (nearly 3 miles total logged) and everything else in between……..I would never be able to do this on my own.  I’m thankful for the men that came out today to join me and have some fun too.



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