F3Louisville Servant Cheerleader

What we (Leadership Council) want to highlight is a SHARED LEADERSHIP structure. Where no central leader is making final decisions on anything F3Louisville. We will all work together to better serve the pax of F3Louisville.

Please click the link below to read the post from Diablo if you havent done so already.

Therefore my title as “Nan’Tan” should mean nothing more to you than cheerleader. Im the glue guy, championing every F in F3 and everything F3Louisville. Many of you know me as the loud, boisterous, neon loving pax who, through f3, transformed from over weight to fat Thor. I’ve been the F3Lousivlle RuckQ and most recently the CommzQ. However, Cheerleading is kinda my thing. My vision for the “Nan’Tan” role is..


What does that look like?

The Servant leader is a servant first. It begins with the NATURAL feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to inspire to lead.

Robert K. Greenleaf

When I first read this quote, the word “Natural” really stuck out to me. Why is that included? To me it means that the feeling to serve has to come from with-in and it can not be forced. Servant Leadership has to be NATURAL and not FAKE. I promise to strive to serve first for the benefit of the PAX, and not the benefit of myself. Placing the focus on others and not on myself or the other members of the Leadership Council.

I plan to serve by lifting the pax up, keeping the energy level high and engaging. Constant communication and transparency on discussions and decisions being made by the leadership council. I will continue to work Commz and strive to improve our reach and voice in the community through social media and marketing avenues.

F3Louisville 2020 vision and mission


Grow and develop a group of men who view F3Louisville as more than just a workout group.  Where its difficult to tell where 1stF ends and 3rdF begins.  

-We already have a strong core of pax who see F3Lousiville as “More than a Workout” this vision outlines the goal of growing that group. I call this “Horizontal Growth” across all 3Fs. We have pax that LOVE the early morning bootcamps, guys that love HDHH, and guys that are all into bible study and or community outreach. What horizontal growth would look like is more guys in all three of those groups. That is certainly not to say that its “bad” if guys only come for 1 of the 3Fs. However, weve all seen the effect when more and more pax are bought in on all 3 levels. This thing takes off!!!! A pax is much more likely to headlock an FNG if he himself is active in all 3Fs. Creating natural “vertical growth” through expanding horizontally across Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.


Empower and Inspire male community servant leadership through better Physical, Mental, and Spiritual health.  

-This mission is how together, we are going to achieve the 2020 vision laid out above. F3Louisville offers YOU the opportunity to serve others by leading them to be better…

  1. Physically – 1stF
  2. Mentally – 2ndF
  3. Spiritually – 3rdF

How can we (Leadership Council) serve the pax in a more effective way? If you have any ideas, share with me on slack!



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