BB – 2/22/20 Sump Pump @ The Ruiner

PAX: (6) Violet, Tron, OJ, Handbook, Porkchop, Sump Pump (Q)

Weather: 22 and dry.

7 a.m. so I gave my disclaimer that I am NOT a professional and that any modifications should be made as needed. It was cold so I advised the PAX that we would try to stay moving to avoid frostbite.

COP: SSH 22-IC, Slow grassgrabbers 15-IC, arm circles, pretzel crunch 10 each side IC, and a good runner stretch on each leg to get us warm.

THANG1: Moseyed over to CAL and partnered up. P1 would perform wall sit while P2 ran from the building to the fence and performed 15 derkins. He would then relieve P1 who would run to the fence and perform 14 derkins. Rinse until down to 1. Then over to do 20 step-ups on the benches before heading back to the playground. Once there we would perform 7’s with pullups to start and squats to finish.

THANG2: Grab a coupon and mosey to the tennis courts. With your same partner. P1 would line up 2 courts away from P2. P1 would then run to P2 to grab a coupon and run back with the coupon and then return to grab coupon 2 and return it. We would repeat this throughout. At the Same time, the other partner would perform the following. Each partner had to perform all movements:

15 burpess


10 burpess


5 burpess


10 burpess


15 burpees


THANG3: Return the coupons and head back to the tennis courts. We would make on lap around the court making 6 stops. Each PAX would call out an exercise before moving on to the next station. Not sure what all we did but Violet called out some crazy reverse crab something that I had never done before, but will again.

THANG4: We lost OJ after THANG2, which ruined my plan to do the Thunder plank. So I asked the PAX if they wanted to do some Mary or run a mile. All the PAX except for TRON were “excited” for the run. Not sure what Tron was thinking we would do, but run was not tops on his list.

We made it back a minute late and gathered around the flag for COT. There is a lot to be thankful for. Many in our group struggle silently. My hope is that this group can offer whatever ray of light they need to power through. We thanked the man upstairs, I thanked the PAX for allowing me to lead and then we ended with an Our Father.

Thanks for pushing me this morning.

Sump Pump

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