Cloverfield at the Garden 2/20/2020 Back Blast

We had 10 pax on this clear/cold morning.

Domino, Husky, Fructose, Gypsy, Motorboat, Wide Right, Nice n Slow, Nino, Frosted Tips, Huggies (Q)

We started by running up the front hill for some COP at the top.  This included, as usual, SSH, Imperial Walkers, Abe Vigodas, Fast SSH, Calf stretches etc.

We next ran down the back hill to Bristol

Lap 1 – Frog Jump Burpees on one side and mosey back around.

Lap 2 – Bernie Sanders and mosey back around

the Thang – Elevation Stations on the Hill of Stolen Souls

Station one (at the base) – 20 Sadies with a coupon – then sprint up the hill

Station two ( up hill at speed bump) – 20 Butterfly big boys – bear crawl over flat part to dumpster

Station three (halfway up the hill at the dumpsters) – 20 burpees – sprint up to the playground

Station four (at playground) – 20 pull ups.

Mosey back down

Rinse and repeat X 4 subtracting 5 reps each time.

We had some time for Mary at the end – Flutter kicks and LBCs – then mosey back to the flag.

COT – Love Qing at the Garden as always.

Huggies out.

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