Huggies Q BOW @ the O – 3/17/2020

Happy St. Patty’s day!  I feel it fitting to utilize the green tennis courts.

We’ll start with a large circle COP on the first Tennis court on the left.

We’ll then divide into 4 groups.

Each group will start at one of the 4 tennis courts numbered below.  Each group will rotate through all stations at least once.Tennis courts

Tennis court 1 – Burpee suicides.  Run to the far sideline of each of the 4 tennis courts to outline the suicide.  At each sideline you’ll do burpees.  1st line = 5 burpees, 2nd line = 10 burpees, 3rd line = 15 burpees, 4th line = 20 burpees.  You’ll do a total of 50 burpees.  This is the pusher group who will go to Tennis court 2 to relieve the next group and so forth.

Tennis court 2 – Pax will partner up.  Partner 1 = will run one lap the perimeter of the tennis courts.  Partner 2 will lie on their back and keep heels six inches off the ground until partner 1 returns.  Next round instead of six inches, partner 2 will do a plank.  Rinse and repeat until relieved by group 1.

Tennis court 3 – 4 corners – 4 exercises 30 reps each at each corner.  Squats, HR merkins, Gas pumps, Plank Jacks.  Bear crawl between each corner. Rinse and repeat until relieved by group 2.

Tennis court 4 – Alternate laps around the court.  Mosey, Bernie Sanders, Mario, Karaoke. Rinse and Repeat until relieved by group 3.

Mosey back to the flag for Mary if we have time.  Othewise COT.




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