Backblast – Hushpuppy Q – The Nest @ The County 6/6/20

Wow what an amazing turnout for my VQ, THE NEST @ THE COUNTY.  I picked up Overflow from his house, we caught some air over the railroad tracks and slid into the County lot @6:45 to be greeted by several EC runners. Shortly after lots of familiar County regulars began to roll in.  Then another small Pax of HIMS appeard in the distance completing some EC work. Then a few more HIMS made their way in. Then a few more.  Several 2.0s were out in full force as well!

Conditions: Pretty close to perfect. Clear, beautiful morning.

PAX (30): Le Pew, Trekkie, Bus, Overflow, Tidwell, Dauber, Alexa, Meeter Maid, Pelican, Jerry Maguire, Skid, Cratchit, Wildflower, Jewel, Holy Roller, Focker, Giselle, Abacus, DeVito, Echo, Prime Time, The Goat, Big Bird, Jolly Rancher, Whoopi, Super Soaker, Backflow, Coleman, Captain Crunchberry, Hushpuppy

Everyone circled up. After a quick intro we moseyed around to the back of the Church and circled back up for the following:

25 Side Straddle Hops IC

10 Grass Grabbers IC

Downward Dog, Right over left, Left over right, and reaching to the Sky Q

10 Toy Soldiers IC

We then moseyed to where we began and got ready for suicides.  Groups were split into PAX of 15 to remain somewhat conscious of the times at hand.

Just as the distance grows progressively longer throughout the suicide lay out, movements were assigned with progressively greater repetitions to complete at each line.  These movements/exercises included:

1.) Merkins (5-10-15-20)
2.) Man Makers (2-4-6-8)
3.) Big Boys (5-10-15-20)
4.) Mountain Climbers (10-15-20-25) 4 Count
5.) Squats (5-10-15-20)
6.) Bear Crawl Zone
7.) Over Head Press (5-10-15-20)
8.) Run Only

During the Merkin portion of the workout I reminded everyone that I was not a professional.  Better late than never. After we completed the Thang we got in another gigantic circle and knocked out 5 Boyo Broad Jumps. I handed it off to Alexa and Dauber next to call some core work. A bunch of Pickle Pointers and Flutter kicks later we had almost completed the hour. I threw in a lap around the County, 100 Air Press counted out by the likes of Overflow, Backflop and Jolly Rancher, and brought it home with 40 (4 count) LBCs. Sorry if I left anyone out that called an exercise.

We circled the flags for COT. Countarama. Namearama. I took the opportunity to thank the HIMS for coming out to my VQ. Also touched on the “it doesnt get easier, you just get better” aspect of F3 and how we can all apply it to our own lives in times of adversity. Skid added to intentions/announcements to remind us that it was the 76th anniversary of D-Day at Normandy. We concluded with an Our Father for all intentions unsaid as well as the Pledge of Allegiance in rememberance of D-Day. 

All in all it was an awesome turnout and made for a really solid hour of full body engagement.  Excited to Q again in the near future!


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