6.29.20 BB North Posh

Went to bed not looking forward to what the old weather app was telling me would be a very wet post. Pleasantly surprised when I walked out to find minimal rain…now, hopefully the forecast didn’t scare off the PAX.
It turns out that I would be the last to pull in the parking lot at 0525.
Natty Light

0530 – Disclaimer given, because, I am not a professional, not…even…close.

COP – SSH, Copperhead squats, Michael Phelps, Downward Dog> Runners stretch.

During COP, I started to explain the weinke. We would begin running the loop, which I thought was just about 1Mile, it is not. It’s about 1.33 per Huggies. He lead us all on a pretty decent pace. Once back at the parking lot, the real fun began.
We stacked the below exercises, and in between, ran to Shelbyville Rd and back.
1. 20x Merkins
2. 25x Curls
3. 25x Sumo Squats
4. 25x Overhead Press
5. 25x Regular Squats

There were others, but we didn’t make it to them, besides, they were really only there for people like Catfish and Nice and Slow and other super fast people…they included
Tricep Extensions, Thrusters, and Manmakers… a present if you will for the insanely in-shape.

We had about 3 minutes left, and you know we have to release the Kraken, so we did, and that was that.

It’s always such an honor to get out and lead this group. Big or small, it’s a testament to each person who shows up that they are there to get better, and push the other PAX in attendance to get better. It’s never lost on me, that I get to be a part of this. Pretty awesome really.

SYITG – Jewel

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