BB – The Foundry @ The County 8/5/20

You know when a good idea turns into a bad one. Well, that was my Q at the Foundry this past week. I thought it would be clever to inchworm all the around St. Als (.5 mile) and stop along the way for some PT. Not a good idea and more on that later.


Holy Roller (R)
Brown Tail (R)
Meter Maid
Backflop (Q)

COP – 20 SSH IC, 10 GG IC, 10 Toy Soldiers IC, downward dog stretches.

THANG #1 – 2 sets of each w/coupon IC w/ 30 sec rest in between each set.

20x overhead press, 20x bicep curls, 20x deadlift, 20x bent over rows, 10x man-makers

THANG #2 – 10 stations were setup. I originally asked the PAX to inchworm walk from the beginning to the first station, run back to the beginning, then perform the exercise at the station. Then from station #1 to station #2, I instructed the PAX to lunge walk, then run back to station #1 and then back to station #2 and perform the exercise. After station #2, we were already running low on time and inchworming around the county was a horrible idea. I modified the weinke to be just a run to each station and perform the exercise. Sound confusing?

Stations had 20 reps per exercise and consisted of Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Squats, plank jacks, American Hammers, flutter kicks, big boy sit-ups, burpees, V-ups, and something else I can’t remember because I threw away my sheets already.

We had fun though! Time was called.

Count o Rama, name o Rama

COT – thanked the men for coming out to support the Q and we ended with an Our Father.


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