8.11.20 BB Loco @ The County

Knowing that the Iron Pax Challenge is right around the corner the workout was put together with that in mind. 70 degrees with 80% humidity made the walk from the truck to the meeting area interesting. Oh well its only going to get worse.

PAX: Tidwell, Pelican, Hushpuppy, Jolly Rancher, Double Down (R), Boozer, Meter Maid, Asian Zing (R), Fertile Myrtle, Jerry McGuire (R), Tony Malito, WILDflower, Stick Up (QIC)

After the PAX finished rolling in the disclaimer was given, COVID separation was stressed, and the point of the workout was stated. Its YOU vs YOU to push past what you think is your stopping point. We carried the Coupons over to the big parking lot and circled up for COP.

25 SSH (IC)
25 High Knees (IC)
10 Grass Grabbers (IC)
15 Toy Soldiers (IC)
Downward dog, L/R Calf Stretch, L/R Runners Stretch
Michael Phelps

At this point the PAX were explained the layout of what was about to happen. AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) for 8 minutes sessions. 2 Exercises and a mode of transportation across the parking lot and back. Repeat these movements for the time and rest for 1 minute. The rounds were broken up as follows:

Round 1: 20 Block Merkins, 20 Coupon Skull Crushers, Bear Crawl out, mosey back.
Round 2: 20 Bent over rows, 20 coupon curls, Bear Crawl out, Broad Jump back.
Round 3: 10 Coupon Thrusters, 10 Weighted Lunges each leg, Bear Crawl out, Bernie Sanders back.
Round 4: 20 Weighted Flutter Kicks (4ct), 20 weighted BBSUs, Bear Crawl out, bunny hop back
Round 5: 10 BOYOs, 10 Coupon pull throughs.

Only 1 set of round 5 was completed before time was called. Take the coupons to the flags and circle up. One could feel the amazement of the PAX, because everyone survived the entire WO and, there was not one ounce of Snoop through the whole thing! CRAZY!!!

COT: Count O Rama, Name O Rama, Round of applause for the group since there are officially no excuses left for not signing up for #IPC2020 (this workout proved it), announcements, intentions, Words of Thanks.

It is always a pleasure and a privilage to lead a group of HIMs in the mornings. The County always brings it and this morning was no different. Thank you for the opportunity gents!

-Stick Up

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