Back-Blast – The Silo at North Posh – 8.24.20

I couldn’t let the BB from this week at North Posh get out before I sent the one from last week so here I am! I haven’t been able to get to North as much as I would like to so it was great to be back. We also had Nino in the house so all the NP OG’s were present.






Diane Dukes




I wanted to keep the workout moderate as opposed to the normal ball busting workouts of North due to the practice IPC challenge we had slated for the following day. Here is what did:

1 mile lap – down to gazebo, across the lake back up to parking lot and down to Shelbyville – Bernie Sanders back up to parking lot.

25 SSH / 25 MC’s / 25 Plank Jacks / 30 Merkins

Coupon Work:

2 sets of each:

25 Thrusters

25 Swings

25 Curls

25 Bent Over Rows

Run another lap(same as above)

Bear Crawl Coupon Drag length of grass area. Mary: Big Boys, Flutter Kicks.

After IPC I plan to get out to NP more regularly. Until next time.


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