BackBlast Digiorno Q The Mutt Extender #F3Counts #Footloose #HIM

The Extender at The Mutt
Wham-O (R)
Left Eye
Ronnie Beaver
Larry Flint
Digiorno Q

Conditions:  50, felt like 40 to me because I’m skinny. This is my favorite time to get out in the gloom.

Gearlander: F3 buff, black shirt, blue shorts, no underwear, worn out merrill trail runners.

Disclaimer was given and in the nicest way possible I told everyone to not be a p&$#y and do hard things.

Mosey around the school for warm-up. Did a variety of exercises. SSH, Downward Dog, Runners Stretch, Plank, Merkins, Copperhead Squats.

1st Thang: The Footloose

While listening to Keeny Loggins Footloose…in Sumo Squat position, take 4 steps forward, touching hands to ground. Keeping legs apart place both hands on ground. Keep right foot on ground bring left foot and leg in front of right foot, do not let foot touch ground. Do the same for opposite foot. This is a 1 count. You will complete 2 on each side.
For those that only learn by GIF, see below.

Thang 2:
Take a lap around the school to the coupons. With coupons, bear crawl up the sloped drive next to the building, hold Al Gore for approximately 1 minute after.
Next, PAX lined up at portico for the following…
Q called out an exercise that PAX would do 50 reps. PAX would run to other end of parking lot and back, then do 25 rep, then run there and back, then finish another 25 reps reaching 50. Q called a few different exercises along with a few bear crawls. Curls, Squats, Overhead Press, and a few others.

Coupons were returned. Then we crab walked up the drive next to building and finished with an AYG to the flag…who has that flag 👀.

As always, it is good to be out in the gloom with all of you. I really hope some of the of you guys will return to the gloom, not to mention any names… Blueprint, PED, Nugget, Red Roof, Face, Wham!, Trump and so many more. I have almost forgotten your faces. We miss you all, please come back, please. Ok, enough of that.



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