BB Squid Q – The Hurt @ The Mutt 10.03.2020

I believe the Mutt was my first Q away from home. The first time, I arrived with a previously tested Q and felt good about the work we were going to perform. After it was all said and done, I walked away without the coveted Mutt rating. I was determined to at least crack the scale this time. I arrived a little early to scope out the parking lot and decide if I needed to do any marking. Turns out the painted parking spots would work for our purposes and nothing else was needed from me. While sitting in my car 15 minutes early Glen Ross and Digiorno pulled up. They came over to let me know they were going to squeeze in a little pull-up focused EC if I wanted to join them. Although this was 6 days in a row in the gloom and my body was fatigued, I was definitely down for some pull-up work. As one of the guys mentioned, we don’t get to do much pulling work so this felt great.

With 5 minutes to spare, we wrapped up the mumblechatter and headed to the parking lot to wait for the rest of the PAX.

At 7 o’clock I introduced myself (it has been a long time since I’ve been out to the Mutt) and gave the disclaimer. We would need coupons for this morning’s thang, so we took a stroll around the trail and grabbed coupons on our way back to the parking lot.

We circled up for some dynamic stretching, I used my handy Seconds time app to create a routine of 13 thirty second exercises.


  • Toy Soldier
  • Abe Vigoda
  • Alternating Knee Tucks
  • Alternating Knee Turnouts
  • Alternating Lunge w/ Twist
  • Standing Torso Twist
  • Michael Phelps
  • Forward Arm Circles
  • Reverse Arm Circles
  • Butt Kicks
  • High Knees
  • SSH
  • Burpees

The PAX clearly prefered arm circles over everything else, especially the burpees. I was threatened with a poor rating if I pulled another stunt like that. I knew I had to make up some ground if I was going to gain this bunch’s approval.

I explained our one thang for the day. We were going to perform a single exercise at four corners with an escalating number of reps at each corner. We also had different carries from corner to corner.

The carries were – Rifle Carry (long side), Murder Bunny (short side), Half Curl(long side), Frankenstein (short side, carry the coupon with arms extended straight in front of you)
The exercises were – Thrusters, Sumo Squat, Kettlebell Swings, Calf Raises, Lunges, Elf on the Self

We started with the intent of doing 10, 20, 30 and 40 reps. After the 20 reps of thrusters I called an audible and the reps were now going to be 10, 20, 20 and 10. There was a unanimous acceptance of this improvisation and we kept pushing.

After the corner work was complete we returned our coupons and circled back up for mary work.

We started with Digiorno and worked our way around the circle with each PAX calling an exercise and the count. I don’t remember what we did but I know I closed us out with star crunches and the clock was almost done. We had a minute to spare so I encouraged the PAX to stretch what the needed, they know their body and what is feeling worked.

We wrapped up with COR, NOR, announcements and intentions.

I have managed to wear my Iron Horse shirt for most of the workouts these past two weeks (yes, it was clean each time I wore it). I thought for sure I would catch some flalk for the gigantic golden horsey on the back. Leave it to the Mutt crew to be the only ones bold enough to chide a relative stranger on his bedazzled (no it’s not) shirt. Turns out, they were just jealous. Boys’ if you want a rad shirt with shiny ponies, you gotta put in the work. Next time there is a ridiculous challenge that seems impossible to finish, go do it. You may get a sweet shirt out of the deal!

As always, it was great to get out with these guys. A day and a half later, I”m still pretty sore from pushing myself to keep up with them. Nice work fellas! I look forward to the next time I’m able to head your way.

Until next time,


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