BB – The Ruiner @ The O, 10/3/20

The temp was in the mid-high 40’s…it felt very nice to get in a good WO. I pulled up to a parking spot that seemed reserved for Q’s (in the very front) or so I thought. I just got lucky to find one of the front spots. I saw Meter Maid out talking to a few PAX that went for the early morning pre-ruck @ 5:15. I couldn’t get out of the fartsack to make this.

We hung around with light mumble chatter until 7AM hit.

I gave the disclaimer that I am not a professional, modify any of the workout as necessary, and you’re here on your own free will and accord. Any exercise in the workout is merely a suggestion.

Moseyed around the 1/4 loop to the first tennis court we came to. We circled up for some COP, which included 20x SSH IC, 10x GG IC, 10x Toy Soldiers IC, downward dog stretches and Quad stretches.

We picked up our coupons and walked to the first street light that starts the big loop around Seneca park (or really it’s the one I chose). It’s here we started the main THANG – coupon mile. If you don’t know what a coupon mile is, it’s basically a 1 mile course where you carry your coupon to designated stops/stations along the way to stop and do PT. You then pick up your coupon and continue on to the next station for more PT. You do this until you’ve completed 1 mile.

Well in this case, each PT station was designated by a street light that are separated about 200’ from each other around the big loop at Seneca. There was one catch though. After completing 3 stations, the PAX were asked to run/shuffle with coupon back 2 lights, turn around and run back to where we left off. We did this every 3 stations. This was designed to get some quick movement in with the coupon and also to get in some extra mileage. Exercises we did are below. All 30x reps per station. We ultimately got in 2 miles.

Overhead press, decline Merkins, Merkins, flutter kicks w/ coupon, squats, coupon swings, thrusters, elf on a shelf, lunges, V-ups, big boy sit-ups, curls, skull crushers, 30 sec static hold out front. And a few more that I’m forgetting now.

We were running out of time on the backside of the loop so instead of stopping at every light, we carried our coupons in different styles. Waiter carry right and left, riffle carry, suitcase carry right and left, out front carry, chest carry, etc.

We finished up with 3 min to go for some stretching, which was much needed.

Count o Rama, name o Rama, COT – thanked all the PAX of the O (and Meter Maid for making the trip from the County) for supporting my Q. I also thanked them for allowing me to Q twice in one week at the O. Hopefully I brought some good WO’s. It’s been fun getting to know some new faces (to me) at other AO’s I would normally not go to because of distance. We ended with an Our Father.

See you guys of the O again in Nov at my next Q. Till then, be good, be well, and carry that light.

Backflop Q

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