11.9.20 Black Ops at The County-BigBird Q

This year’s been a doozie, huh? I bet no one else can say that right?….Uh, yeah right Bird…Well, I’ll certainly never forget it. I’ve been unable to get out with you men since a year ago this week, I tore my ACL doing some CSAUP F3 soccer….well, if we would’ve won it wouldn’t have been completely and utterly stupid (we did put up a helluva fight though, right boys?) It’s been a journey fellas and to spare the you the details, I’ll tell you I had to completely remove myself in order to get better. Sometimes it’s a necessary evil I suppose. Well, I’ve been fully cleared now and am slowly working my way back out ITG. My first official post back, Jolly Rancher did what Jolly Rancher does best and put the EHL on me to Q a workout. I told him I thought about a “one year anniversary Q” but the Q calendar was all filled up into December. He said, “do a black ops. I’ll show.” And so it was. Thanks for the push brother!

The PAX that would join me on this beautiful mild November morning were: Holler, WILDflower, Schotzie (what?! Making the trip from Bayside? Mad love brother!), Jolly Rancher, Gilligan (welcome back!), Tidwell, Captain Crunchberry, BigBird (QIC)

I’ve had some challenges throughout but what’s truly helped me physically was sticking to the PT. So I decided to share with the PAX one of the workouts given to me during recovery. Running sprints. Before getting after it though, we started with some Bunny Hops and Super Mario’s to get the joints and tendons warmed up. We the moseyed to the benches where we would get in a few box jumps/step ups before…

The Thang: 1120 yards of sprints- 20 yards x 3, 40 x 4, 60 x 2, 80 x 2, 100 x 1, 80 x 2, 60 x 2, 40 x 4, 20 x 4.

Following that we had more time than expected so we did a Jack Webb of Merkins and Air Presses with no break. WOOF boys!

Next, we held Plank for Aerosmith’s song “I’m Back In the Saddle Again” doing leg lifts every time we heard the lyric, “I’m Back.” Captain Crunchberry made mention that his shoulders were more gassed that they should have been for a “sprint” workout. Well, we didn’t get up for easy on this day and we all pushed each other to make it through.

Lastly, we had time for one Mary exercise and Tidwell brought us home with some Gas Pumps.

We mentioned the monthly ruck this Friday hosted by Diablo and The County Fair on 11.28. Both will be taking donations for Blessings in a Backpack.

We prayed for Fungi and his family as his father Buzz passed away Saturday night. Continued prayers for his mother who will have to deal with the loss while she is working to recover from COVID herself.

I thank you 7 men for making it out with me on this morning. You are all special to me and it meant more to me than you will ever know. Said a word of thanksgiving to the Sky Q for the prospect of another day and asked that He help us as we seek to be a beacon of light to those that are in the darkness.

Until next time…


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