11/11 BB: DeVitto Veteran’s Day Q at The Foundry

Although it was a bit damp, 6 men braved the not so cool and wet conditions in honor of Veteran’s Day. We had 2 veterans in our midst – Launch Pad and Colonel Klink. (Gentlemen, thank you both for your service). Other PAX in attendance included Gisele, Brown Water, and Dauber. After a brief warmup of side straddle hops, grass grabbers, toy soldiers, and some stretching, we jumped into the meat of the workout – a modified sand-baby Murph. Dauber became giddy with excitement at the thought of doing the sand-baby Murph and Colonel Klink became a bit somber that we did NOT have more lunges to do.

The modified sand-baby Murph included the following:

  • 100 push presses
  • 200 lunges (100/leg with coupon)
  • 150 big boys with coupon
  • 150 squats with coupon
  • 1/4 ruck with coupon

Everyone completed the workout with a few minutes to spare. We circled up for some flutter kicks, heart-breakers, and supermans prior to COT. We paid tribute to our Veterans and shared a story about a veteran that Storm Trooper knows well who survived an IED attack in Iraq. We then said a prayer for all of our veterans, especially those suffering with PTSD. It was an honor to lead this workout today. Please thank a veteran today!

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