BB- The Escalator 11/11/20 – Meter Maid Q

I was glad to obtain a Veteran’s Day Q for 11/11. When I had gotten it, I didn’t have any lower back issues. Fast forward and I had tweaked my lower back a few weeks ago and it had impacted my recent ability to post.

My heart goes out to all those dealing with ailments particularly lower back issues. I appreciate everyone who reached out to me and to Devitto who had provided me with some exercises at the Nest on Saturday.

The beauty of having a Q is that you get to pick the exercises. As a result, those who attended were happy to hear in my disclaimer that there would be no burpees. It sounded like Mr Hat laid about 200 burpees on them last workout. It made them forget the recent Backflop Death March around the Abyss loop multiple times.

PAX: Uncle Sam (R) [26 year Army veteran, thank you for your service!], F-Stop [He is crushing it with losing over 30 pounds in middle of a 75 day challenge that includes multiple workouts, eating well, not drinking alcohol, etc.], Backflop [I appreciate his willingness to take over my Q and help out if my lower back caused issues. You may ask him about his drive in and the possum that he ran over.] and Meter Maid Q.

When we circled up , there was no Flip Flop. Perhaps he felt bad for coming 30 seconds early for his brother in law, Dauber’s Q on Monday. I also didn’t see Squid, who is the site Q for The Escalator.

I decided to start the workout post disclaimer with a new exercise. You all may have done a Slaughter start with 10 burpees right into a mosey. I have created a “Pelican Start”. It is 10 of an exercise that Pelican doesn’t like and right into a mosey. There can be lots of variations like SSH and nuclears, etc. We did 10 SSH IC and rolled into a mosey. It was the only time we did 10 of an exercise. All later exercises were 11 IC for 11/11.

We came back to the basketball court to finish COP. We did Grass Grabbers IC, Toy Soldiers IC, Copperhead Squats IC, Downward Dog and Stuff (We made sure to call out Right Right and Left Left for Focker) and Michael Phelps OYO.

Then, I grabbed the lights and speaker for head down to the boat ramp area for 11s. I had picked out some songs that fit with Veteran’s Day. I played the first song and it was identified in two notes (very impressive).

We did Elevens twice. The first time with Flutter Kicks (4 Count) and Gas Pumps (4 Count). The second time we did monkey humpers and calf raises (both single count). At one point Toby Keith was singing about Uncle Sam…talk about great timing!

We had about 15 minutes left so we moseyed and stopped along the way doing various exercises like squats, overhead claps, SSH, etc. all with 11 IC.

As we approached the basketball court, we had about five minutes left. We ran elevators around our circle 3-4 times. Then, I allowed the pax to pick a Mary exercise to run. Some of those included low and high Dollys and J Los. I am not sure my lower back was ready for that one so I modified.

As we got close to concluding, Harbaugh joined up for COT. We did COR and NOR. For announcements, make sure to check out The County Fair 11/28 running from 530-930am. It is raising money for Englehard Elementary. The PayPal link is on Slack.

I also had Uncle Sam talk about what it means to be a Veteran. He talked about his experiences in the Army lasting 26 years. He went from a high school education to a Master’s degree. Thank you for your service to our country!

F-Stop talked about his 75 day challenge and he is over 50 days in. You drink a gallon of water a day, 2 45-minute workouts per day with at least one outside, eat right and no alcohol. He has last over 30 pounds. Harbaugh and him have been rucking all over their neighborhood, Long Run and the Parklands. Speaking of Harbaugh, he is still crushing it just like F-Stop!

For intentions, we mentioned Mr Hat and his M. I closed out with a Veteran’s Day prayer.

I am always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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