The Posh’s Bridge 11.18.20 BackBlast

At 0530 we circled up, I gave the disclaimer informing the PAX I am not a professional, I’ve received no training, everything I say to do is a suggestion, & encouraged everyone to listen to their body modifying as needed. I reiterated we are in the midst of a health pandemic so I will do my best to keep everyone appropriately distanced, but for them to keep it in mind as well. With that we started off with a mosey around the parking lot loop before circling back up for CoP.


  • Stretching
  • (20) Groiners IC
  • Kendra Newman’s
  • Michael Phelps

We counted off…


  1. Bob Ross
  2. Huggies
  3. Dry Rub
  4. Diane Dukes
  5. Jewel
  6. Natty Lite
  7. Stick Up
  8. Sweet Tart
  9. Dynomite
  10. Ripple
  11. Schlitz
  12. Pickle Ball
  13. NPR
  14. Nice & Slow
  15. Nino (QIC)

I instructed the PAX to partner up & similar to Monday, I encouraged the PAX to partner with someone whose strength isn’t necessarily the same as their own (i.e. running) for this thang. We then grabbed the coupons & moseyed over to the bridge for The Thang.

The Thang

PAX 1 – Runs the 100 yard suicide over the bridge, doing 1 Kraken for each correlating marker (e.g. Marker 1 = 1 Kraken, Marker 2 = 2 Krakens, etc.). 

PAX 2 – Begins working through the board of exercises & correlating reps (showed at the top). 

When PAX 1 completes the suicide, the two PAX alternate with PAX 2 running the suicide & PAX 1 starting on the board…the goal was that they continued this until BOTH PAX got through the board. These reps were NOT cumulative between the two PAX. Each individual PAX was responsible for working their way through the board. At about 0555 I looked around to see where the majority of PAX were on the board & it was clear I needed to call an audible so I instructed to cut the number of reps for the Traveling Merkins from 150 to 50 & the Curls to Shoulder Press from 200 to 100…this was a good call. At 0610 I called time on The Thang, had the PAX line up into 3 rows of 5 across the road at the bottom of the bridge (it’s amazing how grown men can struggle with simple math) & we did 2 rounds of sprints up & back before grabbing the coupons & heading back to the flag. 


  • CoR
  • NoR
  • Announcements
    • Due to the increase in COVID cases, the St. Patrick Parish Office has closed the facility/campus until after Thanksgiving. To ensure we are in line with the Parish we are suspending WOs from The Garden immediately until we get an update from the Parish Office. We will continue to run these WOs on the same days/times on the calendar, but we are temporarily moving the WOs to North Posh (William F. Miles Community Garden).
  • Intentions
    • Dunphy’s mother
    • Double Down’s mother & sister

– Nino out.

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