11.28.2020 Back Blast – The Fog @ Posh

The Saturday after Thanksgiving. The intent of this day is to hang up and Christmas decor around the house the M tells you to. Either finish what you have left from Black Friday or start because you did nothing on Black Friday. Either way, YHC wanted to get the blood flowing but not kill all the muscle groups the pax would need when they returned home. This means running, and lots of it.

PAX: Drysdale, Deep Dish, Jitterbug, Greenwich, Macaw (FNG), Uncle Rico, Stick Up (Q).

COP: we started with a mosey around the parking lot and circled up for:

SSH 40, Grassgrabbers 10, Toy Soldiers 10, Imperial Walkers 15, L/R calf stretch, L/R runners stretch, Michael Phelps.

THANG: Simple, Not easy. 10 Merkins, 15 butt to bench squats, run 1/4 mile loop. Repeat for 20 min. 15BBSU, 10 box jumps, run 1/4 mile for 20 min. We were approaching Uncle Ricoโ€™s 4 mile limit so YHC had the pax line up along the parking lot to bear crawl across, 10 Merkins, broad jump back, 10 lunges each leg for 7 minutes.

Circled up for Mary until time was called.

CountORama, NameORama, Name the FNG, announcements, intentions, words of thanks.

-Stick Up

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