BB: 12.15.20 Gisele Loco Q @ The County

It was 10 days till Christmas and all through my house everyone was sleeping when my double alarm woke me with a rouse.

It was cold and I really didn’t want to get out of bed but knew I had three elves on a shelf to move so the kids would wonder where they have been.

Duty calls to the bathroom it led, quickly 5:21 to the county I head.

With Zing in his spandex Brown Water with a beard, Hush Puppy with the flag it’s Gisele the boys feared.

5:29 in the distance we heard a clatter it was just Valdez passing by and didn’t even stop to see what was the matter.

Disclaimer was given for this beat down bash to which we started out with some side straddle hops and a little bit of around the park mosey and slow grabbers of grass

The frost on the breath as we worked in a row 11s for the pax and soon the faces were red a glow.

What in my In wandering mind to mere Bobby Hurley‘s, Merkins, Lunges mountain climbers and more were happening here.

Mumble chatter was lively with the cold of a nearby flagpole your tongue would stick if you like but this Q went by quick.

6:15 to the circle they came around we called each other by name

On Hush Puppy on Asian Zing with respect and Brown Water – I Am Gisele let’s say our prayers before we dash away all

Those who supported dare care left us with a high as we lifted intentions up to the sky.

There are many out there just getting by and have a lot of fight! A good day to all as we are thankful to have another day in the morning light.

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