12/17 The Agony @ The County Hushpuppy Q

PAX: Muncher, Crachit, Jitter Bug (R), Dollar Short, Holy Roller (R), Backflop, Le Pew, Hushpuppy (Q)

Conditions: Low to mid 30s, light wind

Accoutrements: Gloves, Coupons.

Picked up Muncher on the way to the County. Muncher was ready to roll at 4:49 and thats a record so we already had a good start. We shot out to the County and pulled in first. It seemed like a good idea to hang out in the heat for a few mins before setting up so we did just that.

5:30 came and the disclaimer was given. Quick mosey to the front lot and started COP.

Grass grabbers 10 IC, 2 Boyos Imperial Walkers 10 IC, 4 Boyos Downward Dog (and Stuff) 6 Boyos

We finished the Campus mosey back to our meeting spot and grabbed our coupons. We rifle carried to the island closest to the dumpster. I assume the same dumpster where Dumpster Curls were given their name, not totally sure though.

So the idea was to do 50 reps of a given exercise, then a lap around the school, up and down the stairs twice along the way and additional reps at the portico of a given exercise. Then returning to starting position to complete the lap.

The first round was 50 merkins. We did our merkins and headed off on our lap and got to the stairs. Holy Roller noticed that the stairs were iced over so they were quickly removed from the layout and swapped out for step ups at the portico. We also did 5 box jump burpees.

Next was 50 squats/ lap/ 20 step ups/20 dips.

50 Over Head Press/ lap/ 20 step ups/ 20 Derkins

50 Big Boys/ lap/ 20 step ups/ 20 flutter kicks IC (Backflop led)

We finished with 20 Man Makers/ lap/ 20 step ups

Between the Man makers and the lap one of the PAX legitimately spilled Merlot. Muncher stayed back and made sure the unnamed individual was all good. AHHEMMDOLLARSHORT. Good work doubling back Muncher, HIM move making sure no man was left behind.

We completed the WO with mary. COR, NOR, announcements, and intentions. We finished with an Our Father and were ready to face our day.

My goal was to challenge the PAX a bit in a you vs you fashion and I believe we each got better in our own way.

Holy Roller and Backflop lead the pack and kept a great pace.

YHC followed closely and used them as a push to keep pace.

Jitterbug knocked out the reps like a beast

Crachit kept moving and smashed his reps as well.

Le Pew was reminded of his pre F3 days when 50 merkins was just not gonna happen. These days 50 is just an appetizer.

Muncher killed his work out and was up front on some of the runs. He says he hates running but I think that will be a thing of the past soon.

And last but not least Dollar Short. He pushed his limits and found out exactly how hard he can push before things get ugly. And after the fact he bonced back like a champ and finished Mary like nothing happened.

Was an honor to lead. Hope everyone had a great day. I know we all got better! AYE!

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