Back-Blast Wednesday 01-13-2021 – The Blender @ The Mutt

I had a blast this morning at the Mutt. This was my first Mutt Q and I gotta be honest I was a little nervous based on the conflicting information I was provided in advance by some Mutt regulars. However, I think all will agree it was a perfectly executed Q with perhaps a few exceptions…

  • We started too early at 0530. Flag arrived loudly around that time and most of the PAX were already there so not my worst mistake. 
  • Workout included a lot of counting with multiple options on how to count. All seemed pretty stoked about having this extra mental exercise. 
  • Apparently I set up cones for the workout right where some other workout group parks???
  • My Tom Petty Spotify playlist turned out to be all deep cuts. Didn’t completely suck but it sucked. 
  • Mutters now know I am both cheap and technically challenged as we enjoyed about 20 minutes of Spotify ads
  • Too many burpees
  • Ended too late at 0615

Other than that it all went pretty smooth.  PAX:  Pelican, Tidwell, HushPuppy, Buschhhhh, Glen Ross,Bob Ross, Methane, Violet, Old Bay, Motorboat, Peeping Tom, Harry Caray, Frosty, Digiorno, Handbook, Plumb Bob, Ball boy, Heimlich, Dauber (Q)

So here is what we did… Disclaimer was given and kinda confirmed, and we set off on a mosey around the school to the parking lot for COP of SSH 20x, Grass Grabbers 10x, Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps, SSH double time 20x, Downward Dog, Groiners 10x, Money Moves 10x (yuuuup…Money Moves).

We stayed at the parking lot and split into two groups for the Main Thang – Burpee Suicides.  Various suicides completed with different exercises, but every time you reach the starting point you do 5 Burpees.  Suicides Sets:

  • Countdown of 4ct Flutter Kicks at each cone (30, 20, 10)
  • Countdown of Merkins at each cone (30, 20, 10)

Lap around the school

  • F3 Gallops – a Lunge Walk with each leg followed by a Broad Jump, sprint back
  • Countdown of Reverse Crunches at each cone (30, 20, 10)

Lap around the school

  • Countdown of 4ct American Hammers at each cone (30, 20, 10)
  • All you got sprints to cones, sprint back

We hustled back to the flag right on time…err…just 2 minutes late for CoR, NoR, Announcements, Intentions, and a final Prayer. 

Thanks for having me out and being gentle. 


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