The Escalator at The Abyss – Backblast 1.13.21 w/ Jewel

The single darkest AO in all of F3 Nation. I won’t listen to any argument that says otherwise. And I think it’s awesome. Only place in F3 Louisville there’s a real possibility of being mauled by coyotes.

Once Iron Horse came out, Squid was one of the first people I reached out to in order to secure a spot at The Abyss. Knew I wanted to throw a Garden party there.

Weather – standard January morning… 28ish degrees- clear skies.
Uncle Sam – R
Mr. Hat
F Stop
Wide Right
Natty Lite – HBD
Jewel – QIC

I accepted the Abacus January challenge of 50 burpees and 300 merkins each day. So my last couple Q’s have been burpee/ merkin heavy.

0530 – disclaimer – Flipflop coming in HOT
I’m not a professional, modify (but don’t shortcut the work – do the work) as needed.

Mosey to the boat ramp:
SSH IC x 20
Toy Soldiers IC x 15
DDP Merkins
Michael Phelps/ Kendra Newmans
Downward Dog/ Runners stretch
7 Boyos

Mosey back to the B-Ball court for Thang 1

5 Rounds
25 Merkins followed by suicides on the court (FT Line, Midcourt, Oppo FT Line, Far Base Line)
With 10 PAX, we split in to 2 groups – 5 ran the the court while the other 5 held Al Gore – as a cumulative effect, Al Gore sucks.

At some point I sang a lyric to the Grateful Dead tune – Me and My Uncle, which caused someone to say something about racing me… laughable. But, Natty Lite turned on the gas, I tried to run fast (oxymoronic) my thighs almost gave out completely.

We moved on to Thang 2 once the 5 rounds were completed.

Thang 2: 11s – Curl Press/ Toddler Squats

Finished up the 11s with just enough time for all PAX in attendance to give our boy Natty Lite a proper F3 birthday present – one manmaker for each year of his birthday. 35 in total for each PAX in attendance.

Helluva rush to end the workout.
A few minutes left – Ab-O-Rama
Freddie Mercury’s
Pickle pounders

and Time.

January ruck – 1/22

I thanked the HIM for allowing me to lead them today. I’m always humbled, and it’s an incredible honor to lead such fantastic individuals.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

SYITG – Jewel

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