Back-Blast Friday 01-22-2021 – The Chopper @ Vets

Every time I visit Vets it gets better and better. It really is awesome to workout around the monuments with your F3 brothers. When I have posted or Q’ed at Vets in the past it has usually been a core group of Vets regulars and a handful of GCA boys making the trip in. This morning however was pretty random with 13 PAX hailing from all over F3 Louisville. I am not certain where everyone officially calls home (For example…Jolly Rancher is a Boondocks guy but I think he claims The County as his home). Anyway, of the 13 PAX there this morning I believe we had representation from Vets, The County, Boondocks, Mutt, Posh, The O (maybe?), and Bayside.  Awesome group. Here are their F3 names:  Gollum, Meter Maid, Yoshi, Cratchit, Tidwell, Bunghole, Banana Bread, Tenderfoot, Buzzsaw, Hushpuppy, Overflow, Fertile Myrtle, Dauber (Q).
Here is what we did:Disclaimer was given with special reminder to keep distanced and to watch for any blood from Bunghole (that sounds a lot worse as I type it than when I said it this morning).  We set off on what would be many, many laps around the monuments.  If you want proof check out the picture from Meter Maids super-cool watch that tracks stuff like that. 2 laps and returned to the seal for COP…5 BOYOs, 20 SSH, 20 SSH double-time, Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps, 5 BOYOs Downward Dog, 10 Money Moves.
Next was the Main Thang – Monument Double Elevens, which were double sets of 11s (two exercises at each station) running around the monument circle with exercise stations at each of the side entrances.  Exercises were T-Merkins / BBSUs and Burpees / BBSUs.  I turned on GNR and we got after it.  This was a lot of running and a lot of reps…the pace was strong and was great to hear guys pushing each other and picking up the 6.  We finished in time to switch the playlist over to country Taylor and Brittney, pair up, and attempt to complete the full circle in 3 minutes or less doing Bear Crawl Chasers…at least one or two groups hit the goal which was smoking fast bear crawls.  I lost focus when someone asked..”Is that you Bunghole” during the bear crawls.  I’m moving on now…
We ended up with a debacle trying to do Bernie Chasers, but finished strong with 5 BOYOs, Flutter kicks and Reverse Crunches.
We were already circled up for CoR, NoR, Announcements, Intentions and a final prayer.
Love you boys.


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