1/23 F-Stop @ The Nest @ The County

It wasn’t cold for too long. After a brief COP, we knocked out some nuclears to get warm. Then 12 of us went back to school F-Stop style.

Jolly Rancher, GQ, Hot Wheels, Holy Roller, Yankovich, Uncle Rico, Brown Water, Asian Zing, Malpractice, Cratchit, Tidwell, F-Stop

We started in first grade with 5 burpees and and worked our way up completing the previous grade(s) each time.

1st 5 burpees

2nd 10 merkins

3rd 15 plank jacks

4th 20 pickle pounders

5th 25 big boys

6th 30 flutter kicks

7th 35 gas pumps

8th 40 shoulder taps

9th 45 LBCs

10th 50 Saturday nights (25 each leg)

11th 55 Side Straddle Hops

12th 60 jump squats

For those who like math or really long back blasts, here are the totals by the time we were done

60 burpees, 110 merkins, 150 plank jacks, 180 pickle pounders, 200 big boys, 210 4-ct flutter kicks, 210 gas pumps, 200 shoulder taps, 180 LBCs, 150 Saturday nights (75 each leg), 110 side straddle hops, and 60 jump squats. That’s 1820 total.

In between grades, we Bernie Sanders to one end of the parking lot and mosey back. Given the events of the week, we had to work Bernie into the morning.

I did accidentally call Jolly “Pelican” once, so I’m not sure I’m ever invited back.

The music ranged from Willie Nelson to Metallica. Great time had by all!

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