1.23.21 BB-The Fog @The Poshlands-BigBird Q

When getting ready to start a workout and giving the disclaimer, I have always appreciated looking around the circle and seeing a large number of dudes coming out to support the Q. Whether it be actually for the support or maybe even for the curiosity of what trickery and creativity the Q will unleash. But since the fantastic starfishing that F3Louisville has done, there are so many options on any given day, workouts with 20+ PAX have come to be pretty rare. I have found that, just like F3 Louisville, I too have evolved. What’s become more meaningful for me has been to lead a workout with a smaller, more modest number of men. For that 45 minutes to an hour, PAX get the opportunity to know each other on a deeper level. Sharing stories of the past and present, what’s going on in our personal lives, and working hard…together.

It was a beautiful, albeit frigid Saturday morning to work along side these men. PAX: LadyBird(R), Jitterbug(R), Minnow, Pelican, Hush Puppy, Backflop, Drysdale, BigBird-Q

At 0659, your Bird was coming in hot. It became clear pretty quickly, PAX were relieved to see me so that they would not have to endure an impromptu Pelican Q. Disclaimer was given, we would count off in fours and we would take off on a quick mosey to get warm. Circled back up and we would do BLIMPS for COP. 5 burpees, 10 lunges (1 each leg, each leg was 1? Whatever was the case, we figured it out), 15 imperial walkers IC, 20 merkins, 25 plank jacks IC, and 30 squats.

Next we would do a Tabata of Gorilla merkins. The M helped me to come up with this one. It sucked pretty good and if you’re wondering what they are, you can show up to The Rooster on 1.26. Imma try em out again.

Recovery walk to the portico. 3 sets of 20 calf raises and 10 merkins. After that we would do a 10 minute EMOM of 5 modified (and pretty awkward) pull ups, 5 burpees and 5 squats.

Mosey across the bridge and to the fountain where we tried to remember whether we were a 1,2,3 or 4. 1’s would bear crawl down around the fountain and lunge walk back up. 2’s would do merkins, 3’s dips and 4’s box jumps/step ups. When group 1 returned, we would move forward to the next station until everyone moved around once. Rinse and Repeat-o.

Next we would mosey back to the flags and circle up for a little bit of fun. While listening to the Gnarles Barkley song: Run, we would SSH and every time we heard “Run” we would drop for a burpee. Not sure if CeeLo couldn’t annunciate properly or maybe it was the shotty speaker but Pelican made sure it was known that he couldn’t tell what CeeLo was saying. That’s ok. Pelican worked as hard as Pelican’s do.

6 minutes of Mary: BigBird-star crunches, Jitterbug-gas pumps, Drysdale-lbc’s, Backflop-a little bit of stretching before some hello Dolly’s and Minnow would bring us home with a crowd favorite-pickle pounders.

Time was called. COR, NOR and since Jitterbug was our “6,” he would share with us who brought him out and how he got his name. I thoroughly enjoyed this day as I got to know Hush Puppy a lot better, learned a little about Backflop’s “rave” days, observed Drysdale being a silent beast, saw LadyBird’s initiative to make it up and out early even though another commitment would only allow him about a 1/2 hr of work, finally got to meet and work alongside Minnow after finding out he’s been coming out to the Gloom for two years, learned that Jitterbug is Jitterbug because of his daughter’s dance moves and not his and validating that Pelican can work almost as hard as mouth even with a bum knee.

Made some announcements, said some intentions and thanked the Sky Q for the prospect of another day, allowing us to put our two feet on the floor to come out on a Saturday and work hard.

Until next time…


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