BB – Gladiator @ The Abyss 1/22/21

Sorry y’all. Just wanted to collect my thoughts for this backblast over the weekend.

I rolled up with really no idea of what I was gonna Q up for the WO. I opened my back hatch and saw I still had the rocket launcher. I grabbed that and my coupon and met the PAX at the basketball court.

1/22/21 – Gladiator @ The Abyss
Uncle Sam (R)
Mr. Hat
Flip Flop
Ghost Flag
Backflop (Q)

Time was announced and disclaimer was given that I’m not a professional, modify as necessary, anything I call out is merely a suggestion and you’re here on your own free will/accord.

COP – the usual 20x SSH IC, 10x Toy Soldiers IC, 10x GG IC, downward dog stretches etc.

The THANG #1 – rocket launch challenge

I split the PAX up into 2 groups. Group #1 VS group #2. We lined up and I setup the kids rocket launcher (which by the way these rockets lit up so it was perfect for the Abyss). Each HIM was instructed to take their turn at launching the rocket down the street heading away from the basketball court. Whoever was able to launch their rocket the furthest only had to do 10x Merkins and the losing group had to do 10x BOYOS. We made it through 2-3 rounds of this until each group had their fill of burpees and Merkins. I will just say my group (group #1) were remarkable rocket launchers. Not sure I did more than 10 burpees.

THANG # 2 run, stop and do exercises, run again

We dropped the rocket launcher on the side of the road and took off to complete 1x 1.7 mile loop around Long Run Park.

We stopped occasionally to do flutter kicks, big boy sit-ups, LBC’s and hello dollies.

We made it around the loop right at time.

CoR, NoR, Announcements, COT – I thanked the PAX for getting out of the fartsack on a Friday. We prayed and left better men than we arrived.

See y’all at the next one – Backflop

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