Back Blast – The Ruiner at The O – 01/30/2021

A little tardy, but who really counts Sunday? So I’m close enough.

I was excited about leading at The Ruiner again, which was my second Q at The O. As noted in my pre-blast, my first one was the day after the Taste of the Tough last fall. And man, that was a bad idea…because I was ruined before The Ruiner. So, I was glad to be somewhat normal for a change leading a Q at the birthplace of F3Louisville.

I joined the crew for the pre-ruck, too. That was nice, but the longer commute time to get to The O vs. The County on a Saturday morning was not nice. I missed that little bit of extra sleep.

At 0700am time was called and I gave the appropriate disclaimers. We started with a quick 1/4 mile mosey around the loop and ended on the tennis courts for the warmup.


I’m not exactly sure what I did, except I’m 99% sure it had SSH, downward dog, runner’s stretches, toy soldiers and something else. I probably would have remembered it, but during COP I was battling the Chatty Cathy’s of Dauber and Pelican. Not only were they talking so loud that I could barely keep cadence, they were distracting the other PAX that NOBODY was keeping cadence…except the always faithful and loyal, Yoshi. Mad respect to that dude.

Thang 1 – Merkin Bear Crawl Jack Webb:

Pretty simple. Started on one end of the tennis courts and did 1 merkin, then 4 hand bear crawl, then 2 merkins, then 8 hand bear crawl, etc. Rinse and repeat until 10 merkins and 40 hand bear crawl. This is basically all the way across all four tennis courts and back.

Pelican actually was pretty quiet during this part. Note to self.

Thang 2 – Paula Abdul Loop:

Sounded better than reality. But, the goal was we started next to the flag and went counter clockwise around the loop. First thing was to mosey up two light poles and then mosey back one light pole and perform 10x jump squats.

Normal PAX would have been 100% compliant and would have fully understood the instructions. I mean, it was a fairly basic exercise / request. However, for some reason it wasn’t received and processed as quickly as I expected…well, at least for certain PAX. I’ll let you guess.

We rinsed and repeated this all the way around the mile loop. I did alternate and switch about 1/4 of the mile to groiners and then at the 1/2 mile switched back to jump squats and then 3/4 mile switched back to groiners. Dauber said F-you and decided to do some merkins at some point. Pelican decided not to jump on strict doctor’s orders. Yoshi and Meter Maid smoked the rest of the PAX.

Yes, it was long loop.

Thang 3 – Lt. Dan’s:

We ended back at the tennis courts and ended with a quick round of Lt. Dan’s, which is another Jack Webb with 1 squat to 4-count jump lunges…going all the way to 10 squats and 40-count jump lunges. Pelican thought I was joking. I was not.

For this, I needed some help to count the jump lunges as I was pretty smoked and needed to keep breathing. Appreciate the PAX helping out and encouraging each other to finish.

Time was then called.


Countarama, namearama and announcements. Yes, unfortunately I forgot intentions. The good news is the PAX were VERY forgiving of the Q today and they let me slide.

Always humbled to lead these men – even if it included Pelican and Dauber. They listened about 14% of the time to my instructions. That’s up from last time.

Jolly Rancher out!

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