BB – 2/11/21 The Mist via Zoom Virtual Blackops

Location: The Sump Station

The Engine: Zoom

The PAX: Frankenbaby, Edward Scissorhands, Squid, Harbaugh, Flo Jo. Jitterbug (R), Wham, Sump Pump (Q)

Weather outside was Icy. Ice Storm Warning still in effect. It did not stop these PAX from joining zoom to get better.

0530 – Disclaimer given.

This was a timed Tabata with each rep lasting about 100 seconds with a 10 second recovery and reposition for the next exercise. We did Hop Overs (the coupon), ManMakers, Overhead Press, Coupon toe tap, Bench Press, T-merkins, weighted squats, curls, and Nuclears. the first round of nuclears was from 10-8 and the second was from 7-1.

35 seconds left at the end for some big bois and then we closed it out.

Frankenbaby asked for intentions for a good friend of his. We also reminded the PAX that this group has plenty to offer. No one man should suffer alone. Lean into this group in your time of need. We will be here for you and come out stronger.


Sump Pump

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