BB 2/11/21 – Cloverfield @ The Garden w/ Jimmy Neutron

4 PAX braved the ice and snow without becoming white walkers:

Natty Light
Jimmy Neutron (Q)

It was a thing of beauty to see the PAX pull up in their vehicles through the glistening ice and snow. My weak little car probably wouldn’t have made it so I just laced up the snow boots and hiked over but was relieved and proud to see 3 other like-minded individuals ready to sweat together. We shared the obligatory, “well the roads really aren’t that bad” and, “this layer of snow on top makes it way less slippery” comments and then went through the disclaimer.

We started our workout with a mosey around the lower parking lot to get our blood moving a bit as well as to get a feel for the traction in our shoes. We did a COP by starting with 26 side straddle hops, downward dog into calf stretches and runner stretches, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps, and then 26 merkins.

Next we carried our coupons to the side of the baptizer hill. We murdered some ice-bunnies for the first half of the hill. At the halfway point we completed 26 curls and 26 coupon squats. We finished murder-bunnying up the rest of the hill where we did 26 skull-crushers and 26 lunges (13 per leg). From there we moseyed over to the neighborhood path to venture out into new territory. After about 1/4 mile we stopped for 26 plank jacks and 26 Boy-Os. On our mosey back we stopped at the bottom of the hill so that we could lunge-walk up to the top. Once we got to the top we grabbed our coupons and murder bunnies until the half-way point where we did 26 thrusters and 26 bent-over rows (13 per side). We finished off the murder bunnies down the rest of the hill and at the base did 26 derkins, 26 curl-to-press, 26 dips, 26 American hammers (left-right = 1) and 26 gas pumps. We wrapped up the workout by putting more footprints in fresh snow, running to the end of the parking lot by the hill of stolen souls and back.

NOTES: The reason 26 was chosen was because element 26 is Iron. I congratulated the men for making it out and truly showing that they are Iron-willed to complete this Iron Horse Challenge. Domino had us all laughing from the very beginning with a few funny comments. Natty took lots of terrific photos of the ice. Subprime was kind enough to let me borrow his extra heavy coupon so I didn’t have to walk with mine from home.

At the flag we ended with COR, NOR, announcements and intentions. Domino reminded everyone of the Dare to Care event. No intentions spoken aloud. We ended with an Our Father.

Overall it was a fantastic way to fight against nature and prove that we could survive an Artic expedition with a great group of men!

Peace and Love,

Jimmy Neutron

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