2.18.21 BB-The Moonshiner at the Boondocks-BigBird Q

LePew had inspired me to come up with this Goofball of a workout. I had my inner Grover channeled on a guy’s trip a few weeks ago and when I heard that he was going to be a HC, I figured I’d pay homage to my favorite childhood show Sesame Street. Not everyone would get it…but he would.

On this day, our streets were still recovering from a big Monday snow and we would get about another 2-3 inches overnight Wednesday. Even though I left early for the workout, I would still be coming in hot due to the roads. And when pulling into the park, my ‘06 Honda Accord couldn’t handle the slight incline and all the snow that was still in the way and I nearly got stuck. Focker would come in behind me and later say that he thought he was going to have give the Q a push. Suffice it to say, at 0532 disclaimer was given and off we would go!

PAX: Cochran, Spree, Captain Crunchberry, LePew, Bulletin(R), WildFlower, Holy Roller(R), Yankovic(R), Focker, BigBird(Q)

In my best Grover impersonation, “this…is Near!” And off for a mosey. We would halt and… “this…is Far!” (It’s worth a Google if you haven’t seen it…or have young 2.0’s…or you’re just a goofball like me.) 10 Copperhead Squats IC. Mosey back for COP.

COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Goofballs (I swear, it’s in the Lexicon), Downward dog with some RR and LL with calf stretches, Cobra stretch, and one round of a Stienel.

“This is near!” And off for a mosey. Stop and….you guessed it, “this is far!” 10 Boyos.

Head to the picnic area for a round of Tabata. With my Tabata Moonshiner track ready to roll we would do 8 rounds (20 seconds on and 20 seconds off) of Gorilla Merkins.

Recover and get in a Jack Webb of Jump Lunges and Squats. T- Claps to Yankovic with a Freed to Lead mentality and taking over our count. Recover with a couple of 10 counts.

3 sets of 5 step ups and 10 dips.

Time for the fun: Played Grover’s Sesame Street song, Monster in the Mirror. We would hold Al Gore for the duration doing a jump squat every time we heard “monster” and then down for merkins for the chorus. No one said it out loud but I’m pretty sure they all wubba, wubba loved it.

Mary: Spree would lead us in Freddy Mercury’s, Captain Crunchberry followed that with some Pickle Pointers and LePew would take us home with 50 Flutter Kicks IC (Woof!)

Time was called and we circled up for COR, NOR and COT. Holy Roller is a whole serving of humble pie and we never would’ve known it if Yankovic didn’t ask us to pray for Holy Roller Sr. who passed away the day before. How Holy Roller made it out to a workout the next day I’ll never know but his attitude, grit and determination is an inspiration to me and makes me push harder every time I’m out with him. Love you brother and your Father is home and at peace. We also prayed for WildFlowers good friend James (Buckwild) Buckley who lost a heroic battle to MS and will be laid to rest on 2.20.21. My send out would be on the fly as I was moved to ask the Sky Q to allow us to live on in our loved one’s memories and be an example of the positivity, light and strength that they left behind. I’ll never forget this one Men!

Until next time…


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